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Friday, August 10, 2012


Hi Everyone!

I'm in the middle of a big project...just popping in to say hello and ask for your opinion.

A while back I showed you some painting I did in our office, and I'm finally getting around to getting that room finished!  Right now, everything is off of the shelves and I'm working on some more painting projects. 

As I think about putting everything back together, I'm a little stumped on an accent color to bring in.  Here's the base of the room:

I know I probably want a bright color, but what?  Suggestions?  You know I'm not afraid of color, so anything is fair game.

Oh yeah, the trim is oak in there, which is staying, for the most part.  (It's not as orange-ish as it's reading in the photo.)

I would love to read your thoughts in the comments!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  The kids are back to school at the end of next week.  I'm ready to get back to a regular blogging schedule and I have so many new things to show you that I'm totally excited about!  Thanks for sticking with me through all of the sporadic posting this summer!

Here's a sneak peek-

Would you like to comment?

  1. Maybe tangerine? Or aqua? I do not care for Kelly green with the trim. Why do you want to keep the trim oak? We had a similar trim in our old house. Painting it was te best choice I've ever made. Your home is gorgeous and I adore your blog! So refreshing to see other colors than blue and gray!!! Thank you!

    1. I was also thinking of something along the tangerine line maybe...just drawing a blank! I have painted the oak everywhere else in the house, and we wanted to leave it in the office. There is so much in there-the plantation shutters, wainscoting, doors, etc. that it is just more than I wanted to tackle. However, I am ditching the oak on the backs of all of the shelves. I think that will help tremendously. We'll see!

      Oh, and I thought about it later and should have clarified in my post, but the last "sneak peak" photo isn't related to the office at all, it's a spot somewhere else in my house. More on that later!

      Thanks for your input Jackie!

  2. With your room base montage I think "Soothing Green" by Benjamin Moore might work nicely?

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment! I would love to have more time to blog...maybe now that the kids are back to school. I knew the Kelly green was another room/project. Just thinking out loud. Did you ever find a fabric to go with your dining room chairs?

  4. I would go with coral if you are looking for a girly bold move!

  5. I was thinking coral for a pop of color….can't wait to see what you do!

  6. You know I love red! :) Right now, I'm loving a coral or burnt orange color (fall like for sure!) with turquoise. I didn't settle on the original plan for my I'm incorporating those colors. The more color, the better, in my opinion! LOL

    I know it's going to be beautiful ~ whatever you choose.


  7. That room screams earthtones to me with the stained wood. And, I would leave it stained as I believe it looks more like an office/library. I would go with darker earthtones and too, am thinking in the orange family but more of a rust with some other pops of color. Love your blog!

  8. A keylime or Some other bright green would be beautiful with the ceiling color!


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