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Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Alright, I think I'm back to a regular blogging schedule!  I limped along with the blog through the summer but the kids are back in school, and I have lots to tell you about!  Today is a quick little family round-up of some things we've been up to lately, but I have some fun house things to show you the rest of the week.

We lost our almost 15-year-old cat in February, right when the kids were really starting to enjoy having a pet around.  There has been begging ever since for something new, and Dad was always happy to take them to PetSmart to look at the cats for adoption.  Well, they saw these two on one of those trips and couldn't stop talking about them.  They are right at 6 months old, brothers, born and raised this far in the shelter.  No way we could take one and not both of them. 

We went back to see them 2 or 3 times, and after Ray & I had decided we could get them, we told the kids that we could take them home with us.  This is Em's happy dance when hearing the news...

All ready to go in the "Kitty Kab".  Oh my, the squalling that was coming out of those boxes!

Here they are, adjusting to their new home.  They were so used to living in small quarters that it took them several days to branch out into other areas of the house.

"Chief" is on the left and has stripes on his side, and "Scout" is on the right with swirls on his side.

Chief warmed up to us fairly quickly and has got the whole "how to be a family cat" thing down.  Scout is a bit more jumpy for now...except with Em.  He's definitely "her" cat but after almost 2 weeks with us is getting more familiar with everyone.

* * * * * * * *

School started last Friday for us.  I CANNOT believe the summer is over!

My 6th grader-first year for Middle School(!)

My 4th grader-adjusting to going to school without her brother being there!

* * * * * * * *

Over the weekend we were invited by one of our friends and church members to tour a local news station where he works.  He's also been Caleb's Sunday School teacher, and this year we're so happy that he has Emily in his class!

Our friend Mr. Mark works for Channel 5 as a camera man, sometimes reporter on location, and all around helpful guy!  It's pretty cool to see his news truck, also.  He's made many modifications to it to house all of the equipment that they need to broadcast remotely.

Emily happened to be wearing a green top that was the same color as the green screen, and we all got a kick out of her "disappearing" on the monitor.

We were there during the airing of the 5:00 news and were able to watch everything in the studio as it was broadcast.  So interesting and enlightening!

The kids with Meterologist Rusty McCrainie in the weather center.  You can't see it in this photo, but they thought it was quite funny that he was wearing tennis shoes with his suit.  Hey, we give these weather guys a workout in Oklahoma!

The weekend anchor Anita Blanton was SO sweet to visit with us and take a photo with the kids.  She did a great job on the broadcast, also!

And, the most anticipated part of the tour for Caleb...seeing Sky5 in person.

Caleb's reaction upon learning that they once found a bullet hole in the tail section of the helicopter...a runaway suspect had shot at them!

Then, we came home and watched the 6:00 news.  So cool to have just been there for all of the "behind the scenes" peeks.

Many thanks to our sweet friend Mr. Mark who led our fantastic tour!

2 gold stars for you if you made it through that round-up of family photos!  Next time I'll show you my doors...they're finally finished!

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  1. Wow - how exciting! TWO new kitties and that awesome experience at the TV station! What a way to end summer with a bang!! How fun!

  2. My kids want a pet so bad, but my mom's cat scratches all her furniture and sheds terribly. And I used to have a dog once who ate everyone's underwear. So, I'll live vicariously through you thank you very much.

  3. Awww, you caved BIG time! They kind of look like our Mikko! What a fun adventure at the TV station. Did I miss something, what doors????

  4. Oh my gosh, you live in the Oklahoma City area? I just found your blog in the last couple of weeks and we just moved to Texas from Edmond! We lived there 23 years and I am really missing it now. Looks like your family had a wonderful summer. :) Happy Back to School time. I taught at Angie Debo on May. Miss it.

  5. Those cats are adorable, and look so much like ours ( and the rest of America's since tiger stripes are THE most popular cats)..They look right at home, and love the smiles on the kids faces. That newsroom tour was really spectacular! Thanks for posting it.
    xo Nancy

  6. How sweet your new cats are! And so are your kids. I too cannot believe how fast summer flew by. Love the excited look on your kids faces as they toured the news station, I bet that must have been a highlight of their summer.

  7. I'm not a cat person but thank you a jillion times over for adopting these two. They look right at home and the kids look happy with them!

    Such a great experience to go to the TV station! I know the kids loved it...and isn't it interesting? Funny you should mention that particular station, a dear friend of mine works there:

    "Wendell Edwards Anchors Eyewitness News 5 in The Morning weekdays with co-anchor Maggie Stokes. Wendell was born in Dallas but grew up in Tennessee Colony, a small community near Palestine. Prior to joining Eyewitness News 5 in 2009, Wendell served as general assignment reporter at KHOU-TV in Houston, TX. He also reported and anchored for WOOD-TV News 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan and WIS News-10 in Columbia, South Carolina.

    Wendell earned a bachelor’s degree from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, in 1992 and a master’s degree from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in 1997. He earned a full athletic scholarship and ran track for Abilene Christian. He is a former two-time Division II national champion hurdler, a 7-time NCAA All-American and two-time GTE Academic All-American. He qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials in 1992, making it to the quarterfinal round.

    He turned his attention to journalism full-time in 1994, working for the Burnet Bulletin in Burnet, Texas, and the Corsicana Daily Sun in Corsicana, Texas.

    Wendell has delivered some of his highest profile live reporting during Oklahoma’s historic winter blizzard and during severe weather coverage. Wendell won a 2009 OAB Award for Investigative Reporting for his story “School Safety Under Fire.” In 2008, he won a Salute to Excellence Award for his work from the National Association of Black Journalists.

    Wendell is member of Memorial Road Church of Christ. He and his wife, Mekio, have two daughters, Kennedy and Kendall."

    He went to school with a group of young people that my daughter has been associated with/worked with in years past. They all call me "Mom" and I adore each one! I told Wendell that he must share with his wife that I've adopted his whole family now. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful week ~

  8. aah. cute cats! Love the story!

  9. I thought you were going to post a furball remedy. You know the one's you step on, in the hall, in the middle of the night. Rescued kitties are awesome, it looks like you got two Maine coon kitties. I have one and a Calico, both rescues. Love them.

  10. I am SO sorry for the loss of your kitty. And god bless you for adopting two new ones. Cat people are my favorite, especially ones that adopt and teach their children to love and respect animals. You are one of the good ones! Karen/SO Fla (mom of 8 cats)

  11. Your kitties are so cute! So happy for your kids that they have two new "babies" to love. So sweet. You two are great parents for adopting both of them. I could you not? ;) Hopefully, they'll be less work since they can entertain each other. I sometimes think it would be nice to have another dog for Sasha to play with and then I come to my senses. I can barely handle her! (Though I'm more of a dog person, I love all animals and I think it's safe to say cats are lower maintenance than my beast puppy. Lol.) Love their names, btw.

    And how cool is that News station tour? (Yes, I made it to the bottom.) That is hilarious about Emily's green shirt. I laughed oout the house...that was weird. ;)

    I always think it's funny how our kiddos are in the same grades. (Okay, except I have a 3rd.) Hope your two are adjusting well to the new school year. I'm trying to get used to our new, very long days and intense homework. I need to be 3 people.


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