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Monday, July 2, 2012

My Pantry

Good Monday Morning!  I hope you had a great weekend and we're so excited about the holiday week around here!

I don't think I've ever shown you my pantry.  When we remodeled our kitchen about 2 years ago, I decided the pantry needed a facelift, too.  Inspired by Shelley's amazing pantry, I set out to reorganize and add a little fun to the shelves.  She did a huge amount of work on the back wall of her pantry, but I knew my wall would never be seen when the food was back in, so I opted to do a little accent on the front of the shelves.

After clearing everything out, and filling a few trash bags of nearly empty boxes, stale crackers, and junk, I freshened up the white paint on the shelves.  Then, I painted the front lip of the shelves green.

I decided I wanted a quick and easy accent, so I bought several rolls of jumbo rick-rack trim from Hobby Lobby and-you guessed it-hot glued it to the front of the shelves.  I only needed a dot of glue every foot or so. 

(Yes, let's just overlook that bottom shelf where the trim is missing...
I ran out and didn't get more before I photographed the shelves.)

I also purchased some glass canisters when they were 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby so we could see what we had and cut down on some of the space all of those assorted boxes were taking up.  Other than purchasing those, I used some random glass jars and plastic bins that I already had to corral like items.

I took advantage of the tallest shelf and stacked extra cereal and chips at the very top.  When I need one of those items, my handy little step stool comes in!  I bought these steps for a few dollars when my kids were little to use at their bathroom sink, and they were perfect to keep inside the pantry to reach the items on the higher shelves.  Their original "country pine" look got a little spruce up, too.

Using some cork sheets and open frames, I made some bulletin boards for the inside of the doors that hold school lunch menus, chore charts, and random notes that I don't want out on the fridge.

I love how refreshing a cleaned out, cleaned up space feels!  Unfortunately, here's a bit of real life...
 This was my pantry a few days ago when I returned home from the store-I couldn't even put my groceries away! Time has a way of UNdoing all of the good things I do!

So, several hours and two full garbage bags later, we were back in business.

Ahhhhh.  I (and my canned goods) can breathe again!

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  1. Oh girl you speak my language with a cleaned out and organized pantry!! Nothing like getting your pantry together, is there? I need to tackle all the beauty supplies and hair products in my bathroom in much the same way….you are totally motivating me to get that done. Love the green paint and ric rac detail for a little happiness when you open the pantry door!

  2. Looks fantastic! I dislike having the boxes too and I know with a family there are many more. You've done a wonderful job with it all! I think the green & white trim looks "happy". We need more of that, right? :)


  3. What a gorgeous pantry - wish mine was this pretty and organised! xx

    Anna (My Design Ethos)

  4. I tried to leave my comment earlier, but got distracted at the doctor's office. ;(

    This is funny to me because I was doing a bunch of cleaning this morning and I looked in my pantry and thought "gee, when was the last time I organized this thing?" It's pretty bad right now. Looks like a hurricane came through. Lol.

    If I twitch my nose back and forth or fold my arms and nod my head, do you think your pantry would suddenly appear in my kitchen? ;) Looks fantastic. Love your personal touches. And the simple idea of removing the crackers, etc and putting them in glass jars is brilliant. It makes sense AND it looks pretty (which makes it perfect). Unfortunately, I have a bi-fold door, so I can't put up any corkboards, etc, but that would be awesome.

    I cannot believe we don't have a Hobby Lobby down here. So ridiculous. I've been to one in TN with my sis. It's amazing. I'll have to find another place like the Container Store (though they almost never have sales).

    Thanks for sharing this. You've inspired me. :)

  5. Your pantry looks great! I've yet to do anything fun or creative with mine, but right now it's functional, so that will have to do. I look forward, though, to prettifying mine someday. thanks for the ideas!

  6. Wow, that is quite a pantry! You've got a ton of space in there. We've got a lot of cabinetry but we don't have one big area to store everything. I love those clear storage jars that you have. We have a few of those too and I really like them.

  7. That looks great!! You've got a nice big space...lucky duck!

  8. Oh, I love all those glass jars with everything so organized, my pantry isn't bad but my closet...yikes!

  9. I LOVE an organized pantry. This is fantastic! The glass jars are great.

  10. A girl after my own heart. Looks cute! I hope you link this one up someday soon!

  11. I love this! It looks beautiful and I like your step stool, too. It makes me smile.

  12. I LOVE organization! Isn't it amazing what a difference an organized space can make. It's so worth the effort. And when you add cuteness, it really makes the project worthwhile. The green and white polka dot stool is so cute. Great before and after. Thanks for inspiring.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class dot com

  13. Very inspiring! I just did this a few weeks ago and it is back to rubble again. Maybe I should give it a quick five minute clean up! Here from Titus Tuesdays.

  14. Such a great idea! I guess even those hidden spaces deserve to look pretty! I would love it if you linked this idea (and anything else you want to share) at The current party is open one more day, and the next opens on Friday. Thanks for your great ideas!

  15. Your pantry looks great! I am so impressed!


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