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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Orleans Homes

We have returned from vacation...through 6 states and back in 8 days! Whew! Longer road trips are getting to be more fun now that the kids are getting older. The dvd and ipods help, too, although we frequently turned everything off and said “Look around, we don't get to see this stuff every day!” And, we discovered that a boogie board makes a great lap desk for playing cards or Farkle in the car!

In my last post I shared some highlights from New Orleans, but I couldn't move on without showing you some of the lovely homes that I saw. We didn't go to any special area in particular, I just photographed wherever we happened to be the homes that caught my eye for one reason or another.

I'll just add a few comments here and there and let you enjoy the home tour! 

This was one of my favorites.  We really liked the brick, 
the fence, and the fabulous big front porch.

 I'm not sure what this building was for, but it was pretty!  Barely caught it, 
taken while riding the trolley.

It was nice to see all of the real, functioning shutters.  Around my area, 
they're just for looks!

Pretty shutters and landscaping-

I believe I could live very happily in this little garage apartment 
around the back of this house-

I liked the intricate railing on this one.

This one was my very favorite-the color scheme, the architectural details, the design, the landscaping, & those red doors!  Perfection!

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  1. Thanks for the tour, so fun to see the architecture, those porches are beautiful, certainly not something we get to see in CO!

  2. Beautiful...I love looking at homes in different parts of the country. I just shot a bunch of pictures in Charleston S.C., every place has it's own special style...I never tire of it! Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos.

  3. What beautiful homes…..loved your tour Jennifer! Thank you!

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.


  5. Sooo much beautiful charm, character and history to those homes. I love going "away" from South FL to see homes like that. Feels so cozy. I think I could live in any of those, too. Glad you had a great time and are back safe and sound. :)

  6. Gorgeous homes. I love indoor-outdoor spaces and those porches are fabulous. Any historic architectural details are always fascinating.

  7. The picture you took on the street car is a school called Sacred Heart. Great pictures

  8. Your second photo is an awesome example of an exterior re-do done right! Wish I could share the before photo. If you can locate it on Google Maps, you can see that it was whitewashed brick with green shutters just a couple of years ago. They sandblasted some of the paint off and painted the shutters and voila!

    1. Cool, good to know! I was wondering how they got that effect on the brick. I still think of that home often and it remains one of my favorites.


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