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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our Patio Tour

Welcome!  We've had the itch to be outside lately and have been working hard on a few projects to get everything in shape.  This is one of our favorite places to be...

The paint on my new outdoor rug is holding up very nicely.  It's already been soaked from rain and had toys scattered all over it.  I did, however, remember the reasons why I got rid of my last outdoor rug.  1) It stays clean for MAYBE 2 seconds.  Then there is grass and muddy footprints and dead flower petals all over it.  It constantly looks like it needs to be swept.  2)  The wind blows and flips up the edges a lot.  Anyone have a solution for that?

I cleaned up the votive holders and got some new battery-candles for the 
DIY Twig Chandelier.

Care for some lemonade?  It finds a handy spot on the side tables that I repainted.  (Do you spy the houndstooth on that little decanter vase?  A thrifting

 I'm so happy with how the meant-to-be beat up coffee table table turned out.

Two years ago I recovered the cushions with this red P. Kaufmann fabric.  The black and white damask is Waverly "Essence", the green lattice is "Slick" also by P. Kaufmann, and I believe the red flowers were a Pottery Barn print, but I bought the two panels on ebay and made them into pillows.

The front beds and all of the pots are done, but we still need to tackle that big bed and get it cleaned up.  There was an existing pergola when we bought the house, but it was falling apart so Ray has since rebuilt this one.  The wisteria totally covered the other one and offered some nice shade, so I'm slowly training this one to move across the top.  

I gave the old table and wicker furniture a touch up a few weeks ago.  
They feel brand new!

Confession:  We have NEVER eaten with cloth napkins or chargers outside!  

We are blessed with a brick patio.  The word is that the lady who built the house opted for spending money on the brick rather than a sprinkler system.  When I'm lugging around the hose and sprinkler I try to remember "I love the brick, I love the brick..."  :)  That big tin finial was also a thrift store find.  I think it was $12?  I love it but am never quite sure where to put it.

This is probably 75% of what sold us on this house.  There's nothing behind us.  Just lots of growth and trees and a creek.  We've seen deer, wild turkeys, a red fox, racoons, (skunks-on our patio!), an armadillo, a huge owl sat on our fence, bunnies and of course a snake or two.   Yet, beyond that we could almost throw a stone and hit one of the busiest intersections in town.  We feel like we're in the country but have all of the conveniences of a great location.  

 The Lord has definitely blessed us with a wonderful home, and we are grateful.  Once a friend told me "If the Lord gives you something good, make sure you use it for Him."  We hope that is accomplished with our home.  Wish you could join us for dinner!  

Well, hopefully if the wind dies down we'll be out here celebrating a little girl's birthday tonight.  It's been brutal for the last week or so.  The second line of our state song isn't "Where the wind comes sweeping down the plain" for nothing!

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  1. Oh my goodness gracious I don't even know where to begin! It's classic and comfortable and the fact that you didn't spend a lot giving it a huge dose of pizazz makes it all the better! So inspiring, I know you have to be totally excited to enjoy it!!

  2. Jennifer, your patio is just gorgeous!I love every single element that you have implemented. I love how you used black to anchor all of your lovely color and pattern choices! You have done a beautiful job!

  3. Can I please come and live with you? :-) I am truly amazed at the beauty of your patio! Not that I didn't think you could do it...NEVER's just perfection! I love all the black and the accents are my colors too. Your plants are so gorgeous, love the black & white flower pot on the table, the chimanea, the lights & wisteria, just all of it. I'm sure you have soooo much pleasure ahead of you.

    The wind has been horrible here too...hoping it will die down. I have some spray painting to do. Is it as warm & humid there? A bit miserble already...


  4. Oh my word, Jennifer. There's no other word but "GORGEOUS" for this! Okay, I'll throw in "warm", "inviting", "cozy" and "trade you?". Lol. LOVE a beautiful brick home and the Lord has certainly blessed you. I love how you put it. So perfectly right. :)

    By the way...still debating on rugs. Good grief! ;)

  5. BTW...Happy Birthday to your daughter! My daughter's is Saturday! ;) ...turning 9. (Can't believe it.)

  6. What a great job! I don't blame you for wanting to spend time out there. My favorite part is the twinkly lights..... must be magical at night.

  7. I'm catching up o some of your projects, Jennifer, & this patio looks so great! I especially love that rug. Great job! I'm getting ready to do one for my front porch!

  8. Beautiful job, love the patio and each element.

  9. Your patio is gorgeous! I love that you went with the black looks amazing with the pops of red and green!! And, that Twig Chandelier is perfect. I just finished working on some new window boxes and my project was delayed due to a little tiny birds nest. So funny how they can make themselves cozy anywhere!!
    Thanks for sharing!!


  10. Wowee kazowee. This is gorgeous. I love the black and the touches of red. The whole patio area is put together in such a great way. and then of course your decorating skills are wonderful! We love sitting outside on our patio, and we love having company, sipping ice tea, kids in the pool...or church potlucks after church...either way it is wonderful. I think I need to work on my patio. You have certainly gotten me in the mood!

  11. Loving this, Going to tour your whole house now!

  12. I just adore both your outdoor spaces! The front porch is like a second living room. So lovely.

    And the pergola and the brick (I love the brick too) is stunning. I especially fell for that pot on the table ...

    ... so happy you shared with us at our Great Outdoors link party!



  13. This is a beautiful space...I'd never go indoors! :)

  14. I'd choose bricks over sprinkler system, too! Beautiful details and a lovely patio.

  15. Your porch looks gorgeous! Visiting from It all Started with Paint. I am your newest follower!

  16. Wow! I really loved every picture in your post. I know where you can put that wonderful 12 dollar my house--please!! I'm always looking for one of those. I'm your latest follower.

  17. Holy Cow! These outdoor spaces are so awesome! That patio area is calling my name. And the blue wood bin ... love it! Thank you so much for sharing at our party!

  18. Love your porch! The colorful pillows, twig chandelier and fun accessories all add up to one fabulous outdoor space! Try double stick tape on the corners of your rug.

    Glad you joined our Outdoors party!

  19. No wonder your patio is one of your favorite places... It’s just so beautiful! Everything in it just seems to complement with one another – from the furniture used, color choices, and other vanities displayed. I can only imagine the coziness of your patio! :’>

  20. Your patio looks so lovely with all those flowers! And the couches look all so inviting. Sipping cold lemonade in such a place would be the perfect summer treat.

  21. Your brick patio is gorgeous! I like the outdoor space you’ve got there! It surely adds a nice touch to your home. I like the effect of the lights on the trellises too! I just love everything about it!

    Allison Shallenberger


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