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Monday, May 7, 2012

Cakes from Birthdays Past {Girl's Edition}

Emily had a great birthday weekend.  
Thank you to those sweet readers who sent her online birthday greetings!

As I did with my son's birthday cakes, I thought it would be fun to show you her cakes that I've made over the years.  Once again, these are definitely not professional quality but we've always had fun coming up with their themes and I like to think that the kids have appreciated them!

1st Birthday-Ladybug
The head came off for her own little personal cake to dig into! 

2 years old-Bunny 

3 years old-Princess Castle
(Love her expression in this one.  Looks like she's not too sure about it, and rightly so-We had to eat that one fast because it started sliding apart!) 

4 years old-Aack!  I'm missing some digital photos.  That was sometime around when our old computer crashed :(  But, it was a 1/2 circle arched cake covered with colored gumballs to make a rainbow, with cupcakes at the ends covered with marshmallows to make clouds.  Fun one!

5 years old-Candy Land cake and games/candy party.  Her favorite things! 

 6 years old-Soccer

7 years old-Beach 
I made the "palm trees" with twigs and hot glued leaves off of a bush to the top. 
The beach towels are fruit roll-ups and the firepit is a votive candle with smooth rocks around it. 

 8 years old- "Go-go's" Cookie Cake
I used 1 roll (I think, maybe a roll and a half?) of store bought chocolate chip cookie dough and pressed it into the bottom of a spring form pan.  Bake, release the bottom, and you're good to go! So easy!

9 years old-Angry Birds
The eyebrows are frosted pretzel rods, the eyeballs are frosted ritz crackers, the tail feathers are frosted granola bars (which were too soft by the way, had to use a skewer behind them for support), and the beak was fig newtons stacked and glued together with icing and trimmed to size.

Most of these years were pre-Pinterest and pre-blogs for me, so I used google for ideas and Family Fun always had great cake ideas and party suggestions.

What have some of your favorite cakes or birthday themes been?


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  1. Jennifer, I love all your cakes!! So fun! The votive as a fire pit is SUCH a great idea, I can't even stand it!! I did fun cakes too over the years, isn't it amazing that we managed without Pinterest? I was constantly ripping pages out of Parents magazine and going to the Family Fun website too! I love this roundup you did spanning all the years - I'll have to do that! Off to check out your boy's cakes :)

  2. So creative, Jennifer, what a fun birthday tradition! The beach is my favorite!

  3. They are all so wonderful! and I'm sure she appreciates that her Mama put the time in to make them for her. I love the angry bird. So fun!

  4. You've done a superb job on all of them! I know she's loved each one and had a lot of fun along the way. I do wish that I were on a beach right now.


  5. Oh, My Word! I am so very impressed! I think you could start your own party planning business if you wanted to. You remind me very much of my precious SIL and all the wonderful cakes she has made for her kids. My kids have always liked cupcakes...and it's a good thing! LOL!

  6. Omgoodness. That angry birds cake is hilarious. May not be "professional", but it impresses me! You are a great mommy! Bet she loved it!!!

    Annabella and I made her cake together. She loves to bake, so although it wasn't fancy, she though it was great...and we've enjoyed eating it all week. Though, she wasn't too happy her little brother likes it. Less for her. Haha!


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