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Thursday, April 26, 2012

DIY Gone Wrong

Remember my cute new monogrammed kitchen towels I showed you a while back?

Well, they finally needed a wash.  Here's what came out of the dryer.  

Who new you had to be careful washing ribbon from Hobby Lobby?  Or did I get a dud roll?

At least it came off cleanly.  I thought about ripping the ribbon off and sewing something new on, but decided I didn't want to mess with it and maybe it would keep coming off if I washed them again.  This is after 2 washes.  I'm hoping after one more all of the dots will be gone and I'll just have a lovely solid black ribbon.  

I'm actually glad that this happened.  I was about to add some of that same cute ribbon to accent a dress of my daughter's.  I'm definitely re-thinking that project now!

You win some, you lose some.  

What's your best (worst?) DIY disaster?

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  1. At least it was little diy gone wrong! :) Mine are too numerous to count!

  2. It looks like you glued the ribbon on? Perhaps if you had sewn it instead. I can see how the glue would reheat and melt in the dryer. Maybe wash and dry all ribbon before use - like you would fabric? :) I still think they're really cute. Have your friend monogram a cute wavy pattern on the bottom! OR you could always just hang dry your next ones!

    1. Hi Ansley, nope, everything was sewn on so that wasn't the problem. It's a mystery! (maybe just cheap ribbon :)

  3. Oh drats! What a mystery indeed, but hey, maybe you will have a polka dotted ribbon in a few more washes...still pretty though.


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