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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sprucing Up For Spring

This post is all Pam's fault.  First, she showed us how to plant grass for indoor decorating and made me want some too.

We planted rye grass but Pam's was wheat grass.  The blade on the wheat grass seems thicker and I'll probably try that one next time.  

Then, she got all "Spring-y" with her mantle and made me want to brighten up my mantle, too.  I usually don't switch up the mantle much during the year other that for Fall and Christmas, but I had to do something with all of that grass I planted!

After all of my grass was growing well I decided I wanted some for the kitchen table, too.  I used a few plastic bowls in my wooden dough bowl and am hoping that the spanish moss will disguise the plastic once the grass is grown.  

Have you every planted grass for a table arrangement or indoor decor?  You still have time if you want some for your Easter table!  Ours was sprouting within 3-4 days and the kids have already joyfully given it a few haircuts. 
 (I have no children destined to be hair dressers in my family...
maybe military hair stylists though...they can knock out a great flat-top!)

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  1. Oh my gosh, that looks so pretty!! I love it!!

  2. They look totally fabulous! The most we've ever done was make our own grass head guys to teach my daughter about how things grow, but now I want some of my own decorative grasses! I was thinking about picking up daffodils and tulips for our spring mantel, but now I just want grass. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. They ALL look fabulous! Love the white bowls, been thrifting lately? Isn't it the easiest, most inexpensive and fun decor?! Thanks for the mention, sweet friend!

  4. Your grass came up great - so full! I planted last week and it's coming in kind of crazy so far. My kids are dying to give the pots hair cuts! So fun. Your house looks so pretty; do I always say that? I want to move in with you :)

  5. These look so cute, and fun for the kids to grow, I will be "surprising" them with their own little grass bowls...too cute!

  6. So cute! Such a great idea...and your mantle and tables look adorable.


  7. How cute is this?! The grass looks great! I'm sure the kids have had a ball!! All of your vignettes look beautiful! Very pretty!

  8. This is so cool! Now I want some grass!

  9. Looks lovely! I love milk glass, I have been collecting it for years, and now it is finally getting popular again.

  10. I was just gonna bust the grass seed out for another project, so now that I have seen how fantastic your place looks I am gonna go round up some more containers. (Thanks for linking up to Lettered Cottage's Spring Mantle party)

  11. LOVE, love this idea. Usually, I plant this huge white planter with grass and nestle dyed eggs onto it for a centerpiece. I think I still have time. :) Thank you so much for linking to my Egg-xellent Spring Party. Blessings, Barb

  12. LOVE the look of the grass in the white containers. Once it's sprouted, how much water and sunlight does the grass need?

  13. Love love your mantle. Where did you find that mirror, I love it?

    1. Hi Jaime, thank you so much!! The mirror was from Pier One, but I don't believe they carry it anymore. This one is similar if not the same...


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