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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dining Room Decision...Help!

Happy Leap Day!!

Isn't this just the coolest little extra day?  My favorite memory of Leap Day is from when I was little, too young to be in school.  Our next door neighbors were like our grandparents, and Mr. McClain took my sister and me in his old black pickup truck to McDonald's for $0.29 french fries that day.  Isn't it funny the things that stick in your mind?

And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend and college roomie Julie today!  She's 10!!! (really 40!!)  She's the only leap day baby I know, and we always got a kick 
out of her birthday in school.  Happy Birthday Jules!

I wanted to do a fun Leap Day design related post today, but came up with nothing.  
So, I have a dilemma for you to weigh in on instead.

My dining room re-do hangs in the back of my mind every's slowly coming along.  I've been searching for a new china cabinet to go on the one wall in that room .  I love a classic style-to be painted most likely-to mix with the other pieces I'm using.

Here's my dilemma: most older china cabinets are fairly short and I'm not sure it works with my high ceilings.  These older china cabinets are my favorite, but they're just not very tall.  Could I get away with just putting something on top of it to add some height?

Here's a little peek of the wall and a rough estimate with tape of the size of a cabinet I'm considering.

Excuse the poor quality of the photo, I'm still trying to work with a broken camera.  
But, you can see my new chairs!  Those are the only thing that is done so far!  That table's not staying there, probably not the drapes, etc., etc., etc.!
 I have 10' ceilings, and this cabinet is 76" tall.   I feel like it might be too short, but know that any older piece I consider will probably be about the same size.


Would you like to comment?

  1. You actually have a "Leap Year" friend? How cool is that? Not so sure it's cool for her. Does she love the novelty of it or is it annoying? Happy Bday to her!!!

    The cabinet...GORGEOUS! The chairs...GORGEOUS-ER!!! ;) But, I see the issue of the height. What if you add a fairly large piece of framed art and "stuff" above it to draw the eye up? Might work. But, I'm you already own this cabinet or you're thinking of getting it?

    Will love to see other's thoughts, as well! :)

  2. Hmmm...this is a tough call! Any inspiration photos of dining rooms with this scale? I like Gail's suggestion of an oversized piece of art. I'll think about it today! :)

  3. Gail-I'm looking at purchasing it from CL if the person will ever get back with me! :) But, even if I don't get this one another will probably be similar in size.

  4. You should put a giant one of these above a china cabinet:

    The white would match the trim and look elegantly rustic! Plus something simple and in the same color scheme would add height and not just more....stuff.

    Your sister, Sarah....who is too lazy to log in so that her name shows up.

  5. The height doesn't bother me at all, personally. You can easily add height with accent pieces. I love the idea of that basket with dried flowers in your Pinterest photo. Maybe adding thicker crown molding if the gap between the cabinet and ceiling really bothered you? Good luck!

  6. Maybe a combo of a picture and baskets? I see them all the time on catalogs, and they always make me wish I had a tall cabinet. Your chairs look fabulous!

  7. LOVE the photo you shared from Pinterest. If your preference is the older style cabinet, by all means go with it! You will find something decorative to fill the space on top.

    Can't wait to see it!

  8. just. love. a french country cottage look.

    le. sigh.

  9. LOVE the french country pic! Just beautiful!

  10. Do you collect anything that you could potentially hang around the piece? Or you could always frame some prints and hang them around the piece as well. You might be surprised once the buffet is in the room what a statement it might be without the height that you want.

  11. You could also add furniture legs to the cabinet to add some additional height. I started with your most recent posts and have worked my way backwards, I am 2.5 hours into your blog and am LOVING it, you are my new fav, the fact that you are a baptist preachers wife is just the cherry on top!

    1. Oh thank you, Laurie. You totally just made my day!! The legs are a great idea. I had thought about that if I find a piece where it would look right, and my dad confirmed that it should work. STILL looking for something! I'm being really picky on this one...So glad to have you reading along!


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