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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Winter Entry and Dining Room Table Decor (& Blogger Question)

Happy Wednesday friends!!  My kids go back to school today and if you were here you would see me doing a little happy dance!  Honestly, I love them to pieces, but it's time!  Can anyone relate?

Today I wanted to show you my little spaces when you walk in the front door, all dressed up for winter.

I re-purposed some things I had out for fall and Christmas, but was going for more of a winter-y/January theme.

Aren't these guys the cutest?  I found them at a little consignment store and almost left them there.  I'm really glad I changed my mind.  

I also worked on a new arrangement for the dining room table.  I'm trying to use real plants more instead of fake greenery, so when I saw these 2 ferns and and an ivy on clearance at Lowe's for $1.25 each, I snatched them up!  I knew I wanted my clam shell to be a big statement piece on the table, so I loaded up the plants in some old containers and covered everything with moss.  

I had all of the supplies on hand, so I got a new arrangement for $3.75-can't hardly beat that!

Finally, is anyone having trouble with Blogger lately?  When uploading pictures, I can upload several and then add the one I've chosen, but when I go back to the picture icon to insert another all of the pictures I already uploaded are gone.  I'm having to upload and insert one at a time.  Also, when I want to join a link party and choose "crop" for my image, I can't crop it.  I just have to choose a picture and I don't have any control on what the thumbnail will look like.  Everything was fine until about a week ago and then these problems started.  Any thoughts?

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  1. Its fabulous!
    The snowy owls are such a great touch. I'll be working on the same project this weekend once all the Christmas decor is packed away. Thanks for the ideas :)


  2. Happy dance here this morning, too! We are always on the same wavelength, wish I would have know about you owls last night! clue! But I notice a lot of blogs don't show up in my google reader consistently.

  3. I'm totally having the same problem with blogger in regards to the images. So frustrating. Yesterday seems to have some other quirks of it's own in that it would randomly publish a post while I was still typing and I'd have to go revert it back to a draft again to finish typing. Argh. I hope they fix this soon. All support for hosting your own blog site I guess.

  4. Hi Jennifer! I adore your snowy owls...they are the cutest! Your entry way is just divine. I love the live plants in your clamshell too. That is something that I am going to keep my eyes open for this next year (at a reasonable price, of course).

  5. what a great decoration, love it!

  6. I'm a new reader. Your entry is very pretty and inviting. I have had the same problem with blogger, my pictures are missing when I go back. But then I found them all on Picassa, a bit of a hassle but now at least I know where they are.

  7. I totally relate to the happy dance, and I only have one in school! But girl when they all go, I am going to do cartwheels, after I cry-of course ;)

    I love your entry table so cute!
    And I don't know about blogger, sorry :(

  8. I love the dining room display and the owls, so cute! I'm having the same problem with pictures, but not with linky parties. I'm also having problems with the layout on my blog. All of the things on my sidebar are way down on the page, and some of the posts are way down there too. Hope they fix it soon!

  9. Are you kidding?! Yes, I can totally relate. Mom's need time to themselves. ;) I love your winter spaces. The owls are adorable! I was sooooo happy to see you visit today via Family Brings Joy! Thank you for leaving me the blog love. Headed to Tulsa tomorrow. Have a wonderful Thursday! :D

  10. wow.., i like your decoration, specially the owls. they are looking so cute.., this is the different decoration from others.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. Display items that match the rest of your living room's decor in order to help your console table match the rest of your living room.


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