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Monday, January 16, 2012

Kitchen Eating Area

Well, this wasn't one of the projects on my big list of home goals, but it's definitely in that "finish what you start" category.  Several months ago I made new drapery for the living room with my new fabric but I didn't have enough to continue them across to the kitchen.  I wanted to live with them for a while anyway to see if I wanted to keep it a little different in the kitchen or make all of the window treatments the same across the back wall.  My floor plan is very open and everything flows together, so I ended up deciding that I wanted some continuity across all of the back windows.  And, I really liked the fabric!  So, I found the best price online for more fabric and got to work.

First, we're going to go way, way back.  This is what the room looked like when we first moved in.  

Excuse the mess!  When we moved in we had to rip the carpet out before we would even put anything on it and then we lived in a state of turmoil for about a month while we did tile work and painted the entire house before we had the new carpet installed.  But, you can see the lovely wallpaper, no light, and blah everywhere else.    

Here's what it looked like before my most recent little re-do:

The curtains were my attempt to go "neutral".  At first they didn't have the little valance topper but I couldn't get used to not having any color there, so I added the green at the top.  The rug...oh...I'm learning not to buy something just because it's a good deal!  No, it's a nice rug and I needed SOMETHING there.  I love our brick floors but they are a little tricky to move chairs back and forth across, so a rug helps out there.  I couldn't find one I really liked for the right price so I bought that one for a fill-in.  

After some sewing and rug shopping, here's my space now.

It was tricky to find the right sized rug.  A 5x7 is too small and we have a floor vent to work around so an 8x10 was too big.  I finally landed on a 6x9 and I think it will be just right.  I bought this rug from Pier One and expect to be really happy with it.  I've never had a natural fiber rug before so we'll see how it goes (and hopefully the wrinkles will flatten out!).

Striped lamp shade inspired by Carmel at Our Fifth House.  The lamp base was a brassy thrift-store find.  I love the shape and the finish was 
nothing a little spray paint couldn't help!

There was one more element I was wanting to add that I showed in my inspiration pictures, bamboo shades on the windows.  We don't really need anything for privacy on these windows, but I like the look and texture they give.  I chose a matchstick roll-up shade and sweet Ray installed one of them over the weekend, but once it was up I didn't like it.  What do you think?

It just gets lost during the day time with the sunlight coming in.  I haven't abandoned the idea-I'm going to find something more substantial and less transparent to try.

And here you can see the view across the living and kitchen windows.  I like how it all flows nicely now.

Even though it's done for now, I still have several things I'd like to do in that area.  I'm ready for a change on the wall-maybe some botannicals?  I love my kitchen table, have had it since we've been married, but it needs some freshening up and those chairs are just stand-ins until I figure out what's happening in the dining room.  I'm also looking for a great fabric to cover the kitchen chair seats in.  And, we've really enjoyed having the loveseat in there but I'm looking for a settee that's a smaller scale.  So life goes with a home decorator...nothing is ever really finished!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out girlie! I love how your shade turned out! You know I'm a big fan of black and white so I'm literally drooling over your curtain panels!!! I LOVE THEM! The whole set up looks so lovely!

  2. Just beautiful! I adore that fabric and love the way your eating area turned out. So pretty!I have a suggestion for your bamboo shade...You might consider getting one large shade and outside mounting it above the window. This might be a more expensive option but I think it would look great with your floor length panels. Just a thought. :)

  3. Gorgeous, girl!! Love the flow with existing drapes, too! I was thinking along the lines of Sonya's suggestion for the shades, like your second inspiration photo, mounted outside and you wouldn't have to lose any of your window! The stripes are the perfect pop for your corner!

  4. Oh, Jennifer, I LOVE this room! Your drapes look great! I agree with the others...try an outside mount shade. I love the idea of the bamboo shades. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had actually thought about both of your suggestions, as well. Great minds!

  5. You really are talented. Your eating area and the adjacent sitting room look professionally done. (I bought a similar area rug and used a blow dryer on high to get rid of the creases. You may want to try it, too.)

  6. Jen, It all looks sooo beautiful. Is is time to come back to my house yet? Love you, Mom

  7. I love how it's looking. Amazing transformation from the beginning. Love those curtains - aren't they the same as Miss Mustard Seed's? Love the table and chairs, shutters and chandy!

  8. Beautiful! Looks like pics out of a magazine. Looking forward to getting caught up with you this week-end. And I have the same question as your mom: When can you come to my house? Love ya!

  9. I love that lamp and this space! You have a great eye for design. I am you newest follower : )

  10. I think you could definitely go with three separate shades across the window, especially since you're not going to be lowering them on a regular basis. Looking good! Good luck,


  11. Your design style is fantastic! So, so pretty! I would love to move right in...of course, that might be a little awkward. ;)

    Everything is so sophisticated, but not stuffy at all. I seriously don't think there's anything in these pics that I don't like. (Promise, not tryin to butter you up. Haha.) My favorite (as hard as it is to choose) just might be the little loveseat pulled up to the table. If that doesn't say "sit back, relax and enjoy your meal" I don't know what does. Do the kids fight over who sits there? Lol.

    I also love the floor plan of your home. Just beautiful. :) What a blessing to have a home like that!

    (I really have been missing out by being away from your blog. Glad I'm finally catching up!)

  12. I'm so happy to meet you and your blog - your style is lovely, warm and pull-together! What beautiful spaces. Love the fabric of your curtains and that mirror wall with the shutters & plates!!!! Thanks for linking up to Before & After at Shine Your Light!

  13. What a pretty eating area! I love the pattern on the drapes - just a beautiful punch of color and pattern!

  14. Again gorgeous! May I ask where you got your chandalier from? I just love it!

  15. Lisa, the chandelier came from a light store in Tulsa, OK. It was on clearance about 5 years ago so sorry I can't help you with that!

  16. I love this room and the curtains are awesome! I like the idea of the shades too. I found some perfect bamboo shades that are not transparent and look more substantial. I don't remember the name, but they are from Home Depot and they were about $30 each. Hope that helps. They are not the roll up kind, and have the flap at the top to make them more finished looking.

  17. Love everything and am quite fond of the curtain fabric. Can you tell where you might have purchased them?

  18. What is the color on your walls in your living room/kitchen area?

  19. Jennifer, where did you get the fabric for your curtains? I love it! After 19 yrs. of marriage we are buying our FIRST HOUSE and I'd love to do something similar! thanks you, lorrie

    1. Hi Lorrie! E-mail me... dimplesandtangles{at}att{dot}net and I'll send you all the info!


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