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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011 Wrap-Up

Well hello friends!  I had planned to take this entire week off while the kids are out of school, but I missed everyone and felt out of the loop!  I hope you had a very meaningful Christmas and time of celebration with your families.  Here's a little recap of our Christmas.

Our church held two Christmas Eve services and Ray preached both of them this year (he's not the regular preaching pastor but fills in occasionally).  After our Christmas Eve service, we hosted both sides of the family for a snacky-appetizer dinner and time to just enjoy being together.  The kids performed a few musical selections of their choice...entertaining to all!

Probably one of Emily's favorite gifts-the day she received it she tried to make it to 100 jumps.  Today, 3 days later, her record was 1,467.  Wow.  Ray & I had to switch off counting.  And, she can now jump with no hands.  Do you think any colleges offer scholarships for pogo jumping?

Approximately 2.7 seconds after opening, Caleb had a pop bottle in the back yard to use as target practice for his new bb gun.  

My present-a total surprise!  It's a beauty and Ray even added a huge basket and bling-bling bell.  Watch out neighborhood, here I come!

We spent today roaming around downtown OKC.  The kids had never been to the OKC National Memorial so we toured the gardens.  There are 168 of these bronze chairs to represent each life lost that dreadful day, which include 19 smaller chairs that you can see a bit of in the background to represent the precious children lost.  Heartwrenching but it makes me so proud of how the people of our great state came together and demonstrated compassion time and time again in the aftermath of the bombing.

There's a lot happening in downtown OKC!  This is the new Devon tower under construction.  It's huge!  That tower next to it is the next tallest building downtown and it used to seem it's dwarfed.

 As of this evening Christmas is all packed up and back in the attic.  Our living space seems so much bigger with it out.  Now in the morning I just have to clean the trail of disaster left behind!

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  1. How fun is that bike!! I had to laugh at your son, mine got a bb gun a few years ago and I have the exact photo of him outside in pjs trying it out (in the snow!) And, Emily - maybe she could get in a record book!

    I'm jealous, our Christmas decor is still up, one last dinner tomorrow and we're done!

  2. Love the pics!
    I had a pogo stick when I was little and LOVED it!
    Our decor is up too and I always say this, I love Christmas but I always feel so relieved when all the decor is up, it does make the house feel bigger! :)


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