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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Party Hostess Tip

Fairly often we entertain groups of people in our home.  This past weekend we hosted a lovely Sunday School class fellowship, a group of young married couples.  They obviously have a good time together and it was a privilege to spend an evening with them in our home.  

I always provide drinks for the party along with a few other food items to combine with whatever the others are bringing.  Usually I make sweet and unsweet tea so everyone will have a choice.  I know in many parts of the country the only kind of iced tea IS sweet tea, but in these parts we like options.  In the past I have made little tent cards to set on the counter or I have affixed a label to the pitcher identifying which was which.  

This time while preparing the drinks the idea of writing straight on the pitcher popped into my head.  I grabbed a dry-erase marker and labeled each one.  Worked like a charm!  At the end of the evening I just gave it a wipe and the glass was clean.

With many occasions to entertain right around the corner, I thought this might be a helpful tip for you.  Do you have any quick, helpful party hostessing tips?  I'd love to read them in the comments!  


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  1. Great idea! I haven't had enough coffee to think of any ideas yet, I'll be back if I think of something brilliant! :)

  2. Such a great idea!
    I love this, totally doing this for Thanksgiving!


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