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Monday, October 17, 2011

What We've Been Up To

Just a few things our family has been doing...

We spent a few hours on a gorgeous evening at the State Fair.  Always lots of interesting things (and people!) to see there.

The food theme this year...chocolate covered anything.  How about those chocolate covered corn dogs with sprinkles?

The kids were very happy with their standard sweet treats.  That big bag of cotton candy was supposed to be for everyone to share, but Emily ate almost the entire thing by herself.  

Ooooooh, Aaaaaaah.

Look closely to spot 2 Bison who were trained to jump on the back of a flatbed and run up a ramp on to the top of a horse trailer.  Amazing.  For you OBU grads...BISON, GO WITH KA-RIP!

School Picture Day-I snapped a few shots outdoors before they left.  Typical Emily.

Caleb just wrapped up his first season of baseball.  He loved it and played hard for his "rookie" year (his words).  The team came out fairly well with a 6-3-1 record.  Way to go Oklahoma Iron!

I decided it's high time for my children to have a few more responsibilities around the house.  They are already responsible for several chores, but folding laundry was added this weekend.  Not a perfect job, but they're learning and I didn't have to fold the whites.  Yay me!  (Excuse the junk around in the picture...I was in the middle of a project.)

Caleb performed in his 5th grade program at school.  I cannot believe that he has reached his last year in Elementary school.

Finally, we had a classic movie night and the kids saw E.T. for the first time.  Better than I remembered it and they loved it.  Emily's favorite part was when E.T. brought the Reese's Pieces back to Elliot and Caleb's favorite was the chase scene at the end where the boys fly across town on their bicycles.
(Warning-there were a few inappropriate words but I'm hoping they went right over my kids' heads!)

All right, that's the update from the Griffin house!  What fun things have you done with your family lately?

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  1. Fun to see your family, Jennifer! My son has to fold laundry, too, just torture!


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