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Hello everyone, and welcome to my Summer Home Tour!  I'm so excited to virtually show you around today.  I'd like to begin though with a big thank you to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for putting this tour together, she always organizes the best seasonal tours! If you've arrive here because Carmel from Our Fifth House sent you, I couldn't be happier that you're here.  I'm a long time fan of Carmel's work and design, even way back when she was sharing her actual fifth house, not her sixth that she's in now.  She has made such lovely improvements and put her unique style on her already dreamy Charleston home, and I'm looking forward to seeing her tour today as well.

But for now, relax and take a look around.  We've lived in this home in Oklahoma for 11 years now, and have enjoyed making it our own through the years (see lots of before and after photos here). 

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All Front Porch details here, rug details here

Come on in and look around! I didn't do much of anything special for Summer, unless you count putting out a shell or two to give a nod to the sun and sea. I do like to take the opportunity at each seasonal change to at least switch around some of my accessories, though, and freshen up some of the vignettes, pillows, and arrangements around the house. 

Rug  ||  Similar Lamps  ||  Mirror- Craigslist  ||  Dresser- SW Tricorn Black  ||  Custom Monogrammed Bag  ||  Pink Sandals 

Sadly, my home grown peonies were done about a month ago, so I bought another bunch from the grocery store because who could resist while they're in season?  #notme

Recognize that hat from the My Five Favorite Summer Essentials post last week?  And be still my heart... those pink shoes are my new faves, great price and comfortable too! 

Moving into the Living Room,  I was thrilled to find this secondhand pagoda mirror recently.  I'm trying it out here on the mantel for a while but am not sure where it will end up, I just knew I couldn't pass it up when I saw it!

It was a much darker finish that didn't show up well at all, so I painted it a brighter gold.  I shared a time saving painting tip for projects like this on my Instastories (click the circle that says painting tips to view).

Not much has changed in here since my Spring Tour, but I did add my gingham pillows back into the mix.  I love the black and white mixed in with the other brightly colored pillows.

A few months ago I added some personality to the backs of the shelves by painting on a pattern-

These new-to-me vintage Tobacco Leaf lamps have a back story and are living happily on my Craigslist bamboo console table...

Would you believe I pulled this antique chest off of my neighbor's curb on trash day?  Me either!  See more details here, and how glorious is that huge wild orchid from Trader Joe's?

I usually get questions about the painting when I show it, it's a very amateur DIY attempt but I love the colors!  See how I beefed up the size a bit with this DIY project here.

In my Dining Room, I just added a few pieces into the mix for the season, including a couple of plates I added to the wall above the mirrors flanking the china cabinet.  I also finally treated myself to this pair of gold palm candlesticks that I've had my eye on for months and used some of my leftover fabric to make a new table runner.  I'll be sharing more on that with you in a week or two.

After sharing my new love for the "Tobacco Leaf" pattern and my "new" vintage lamps a while back, I couldn't believe it when I came across this set of "Imperial Leaf" china on my local Facebook Marketplace.  I couldn't get there fast enough to buy it and love it displayed in the china cabinet for Summer. 

If you missed yesterday's post, I shared a simple and colorful Summer Dinner Party Tablescape along with my favorite Chicken Salad recipe.

Here's a look at our kitchen if you've never seen it. Since we've lived here I've painted over the orange oak cabinets and we just put these new pendant lights in a few months ago... still completely loving those!

With it's cheerful color palette, it always feels like Summer in my bedroom, so not much changes in there for the season.

Just a few weeks ago I completed a makeover for my teen daughter, see that reveal here (and yes, we have green headboards in 2 rooms in our house, it was her choice!).

If you're here for the first time today and have never seen my powder bath, you might want to check that out too (unless you don't like black and white and gingham and pink doors and pretty moulding-ha!).

I fully intended to share my newly refreshed patio with you today as well, but as I compiled this post I realized we're most likely already on photo overload!  So, I'll share that tomorrow and hope you'll join me.  For now, here's a little sneak peak-

For the next stop on today's tour, go see Laura at Decor to Adore. She has a special knack for combining traditional pieces with neutrals and soft pretty colors, yet she can rock a bold color combo if she wants to as well!  See the other homes featured on today's tour and all this week on the list below.

2018 Summer Home Tour

Monday - June 11
Setting For Four - Heather
Cuckoo4Design - Julia

Tuesday - June 12
Simple Stylings - Summer

Wednesday – June 13
House By Hoff - April

Thursday – June 14
Haneens Haven - Haneen
Monica Wants It - Monica
11 Magnolia Lane - Christy

Friday –June 15

If you enjoyed today's tour I'd love for you to check out my other seasonal tours here!

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Hello, and welcome in for today's virtual Summer Progressive Dinner Party!  Several friends and I are sharing Summer dinner party themed ideas today, so be sure to check them out through the links at the end of this post.   Many thanks to Heather at Southern State of Mind for organizing this party!

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Summer is certainly conducive to lazy days, easy-going activities, informal get togethers, and definitely simple menus with as little cooking as possible! It doesn't take much of an excuse for me to play around with dishes and textiles to set a fun table, so I was happy to put together this colorful tablescape to celebrate Summer. 

If today is your first time to visit, I embrace color throughout my home and take advantage of any opportunity to mix unexpected colors and patterns.  I enjoy the hunt for unusual treasures when shopping thrift stores and yard sales, but also the challenge of incorporating those pieces with newer store-bought items for a unique, eclectic design.

For this tablescape I started with a tablecloth from Homegoods featuring two of my favorite things... green and a bamboo pattern.  I built it up from there mixing and matching pieces and adding in lots of color to liven things up.  This orchid centerpiece is my every day dining table centerpiece- it's lasted for about 5 months so far(!)-  and the colors fit right in so I used it in my tablescape as well.

 If you're wondering, I've had good results with watering it about every week to 10 days (about 1/3 cup) and it's near a bright window.  It's actually three plants grouped together in that bowl and covered with reindeer moss.  See my faux/real orchid arrangement here that I put together when the blooms fade.

 Similar Brass Bamboo Flatware  ||  Similar Tablecloth  ||  Similar Woven Chargers  ||  Cloth Napkins  ||  Pom Napkins Rings- DIY here  ||  Zebra Plates- Target (old)  ||  Cane Rim Saucers- vintage  ||  Candleholders- At Home (they're actually vases urned upside down!)  ||  Cake Stands- Target (old)  ||  Ceramic Dogs- Vintage (similar here)  ||  Milkglass Tumblers- Vintage (similar here)  ||  Sparkling Pink Lemonade- Aldi 

Now, remember when I said summer is all about care free days and no cooking?  So for an easy, fuss free menu, what could be better than chicken salad on a yummy croissant?  I'm sharing my "recipe" with you today... it might have a few ingredients you wouldn't expect!  I love chicken salad with a fruit mix in it, but several years ago I found myself experimenting with the spices added to make the mix just a bit surprising.

Jennifer's Chicken Salad 

1 12 ounce can chicken breast
1/3 cup Mayonnaise
1/4 cup Miracle Whip
1/4 scant teaspoon cinnamon
a dash Cayenne pepper (I do about 4-5 shakes)
salt and pepper to taste
diced celery, about 1/4 cup
sliced and diced apples, about 1/2-3/4 cup
halved or quartered red grapes, about 1/2 cup
1/2 cup chopped pecans or walnuts

Mix all together in a bowl, separating chicken well.  Spread on croissant rolls, makes about 6 sandwiches.  I also love to eat it like a dip with Wheat Thins.

Certainly the mayo/miracle whip mix is optional (use all mayo if desired), but I like the tanginess that the miracle whip adds rather than just straight mayo.  The cinnamon adds a bit of sweetness, and the cayenne pepper just a bit of kick!  The amounts of grapes, apples, and celery are also flexible, just add what you think looks good.

Served with a simple salad and fresh fruit, your summer dinner menu is all set!  And if you really want to treat your guests, make them this pie for dessert... you can whip it up in less than 5 minutes!

Thank you so much for joining our virtual dinner party, I wish each one of you could have a seat at the table with me!

Want to shop similar items from my dining room?  Scroll left and right through photos, and click on the item you're interested in seeing more details for.

If you weren't around for our Spring Progressive Dinner Party, you can check that out here, and all of my other tablescape ideas here.

There are several other super stylish ladies participating in today's dinner party, so be sure to stop by their blogs for more great entertaining ideas-

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Welcome to My Five Favorites today! Pam from Simple Details, Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor and I are all ready for Summer and excited to share our essentials for the season with you today.

This month we're so happy to welcome Sheila from Maison De Cinq as our guest host.  Sheila's casual yet elegant french country style is so inviting and she has quite the eye for putting a room together.  After soaking up her gorgeous Summer Home Tour, I can't wait to see what her Summer favorites are!

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I started using this tanning mousse last year and it quickly became my all time favorite self tanner.  It dries very quickly and does not leave a smell behind.  I've been out and just picked up a new bottle, anxious to start using it again!  I generally use it on Saturday nights for sure when I know I'll be wearing a skirt to church the next morning, and sometimes if I feel it's fading I'll do another application sometime during the week.  With the tanners I've used in the past I always felt like I had to apply them the night before so I could wash the smell off in the morning, but this one is perfect even if I need to apply it last minute.  I buy the deeper shade and it's not too dark, I think it just saves me from doing more applications of the lighter shade.


A cute hat is definitely a summer time must!  I like this one because the wide brim is flexible enough that I can still lay my head back in the lounge chair at the pool without it getting in the way.  Oh, and I like the pom poms.  ;)  I found a few similar ones online or this would be the easiest DIY if you want to pick up a plain hat, a bag of pom poms, and a hot glue gun!


I'll admit I'm not super comfortable in a swimsuit.  However, I found these swim shorts several years ago and I absolutely love them!  I can mix and match them with many different tops (just got this one and I really like it) or even a rash guard if needed.  They have a built in swim liner so you don't need anything else under them and they come in several different colors (I added the navy this year to my swim stash after having the black for about 4 years, they're still good as new!).  Priced less than $25 without even being on sale, you can't really beat them!

And although they're not "officially" on my list, those gold flip flops are definitely a Summer staple for me.  I buy a new pair every year for around $10 or less and wear them almost every day.


I love a fun little clutch in the Summer, they're the perfect way to add some color or personality to an otherwise plain outfit.  I carry one almost every Sunday morning and occasionally through the week for special events or a night out.  This bamboo bag has been my new purchase for this season, and when I carried it last week people from Home Depot to the grocery store were commenting on it!  (I got the large size, and the slats aren't really an issue.  A credit card might slip out if it was in there loose, but a pen wouldn't.)

A few from last Summer that I'm still carrying...


This isn't in the beauty or fashion category, but it's definitely a Summer essential at our house!  It's not Summer until the first batch of homemade ice cream is made, and more times than not it's Butterfinger.  I can almost taste it now.  I think I'll have to share the recipe with you one of these days...

What can you not live without in the Summer?  Don't forget to head over to check out these Summer favorites too!

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