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With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, it's time for a game plan!  Today I'm sharing my top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas.  You might be shopping for your own Mom or Mother-in-law, or you might just get a few ideas to pass along to your family for your personal wish list!  Many of my picks are customized or personalized, so I wanted to make sure you'd have time to order and receive them in time for Mother's Day.  (Or, if you order last minute like I too often do, a printed photo of the gift beautifully wrapped lets Mom know what to expect in the mail if it won't arrive in time.)  Many of these suggestions today are things I already personally own and love, so I think you will too.  (*This post may contain affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

1.  Child Silhouettes-  There are many different options available whether you want them printed, embroidered, cut from wood, etc. but I prefer the sweetness of hand cut silhouettes like these.   I had my children's silhouettes made many years ago, and they are some of my favorite pieces in my home.  I only wish I had done some when they were teeny-tiny as well!

Want a DIY silhouette project that the kids can help with?  Try my oversized framed silhouettes!

2. "Don't Fret" Pajama Set- My friend Julianne recently lauched her Julianne Taylor Style for Jayes Studio collection of "Don't Fret" pajamas.  I was already a fan of Jayes Studio and have several of their pj sets, so when Julianne offered to gift me a set with her new design I was thrilled to add another to my collection (of course I had to monogram mine!).  I've decided that life's too short not to wear cute pjs!  They are a super soft cotton sateen, generously sized, and the pants have pockets... what could be better?  Her design also comes in hot pink as well as the blue and is available in a sleep shirt, a capri short sleeve set, or the full set like mine.  Mom is sure to love them!

Along the same lines, I'm sure this monogrammed striped ginger jar robe would be a big hit with Mom as well.

3.  Leopard Slide Sandals- my family doesn't know it yet but this is what they're getting me for Mother's Day!  :)  I need a good new every day sandal for this Summer, and I never met a leopard shoe I didn't like.  It's a neutral for me.  I've tried these on and I like the little bit of padding on the foot bed for extra comfort.

4.  Silhouette Charm Bracelet- I have this simple bracelet with boy and girl silhoutte head charms each engraved with my children's names and birthdays attached to it.  Love it, it's one of my favorite things that I wear almost every day.  They have a promotion running where you can get a free charm bracelet or necklace with the purchase of two charms, what a bargain!

5. Bamboo Flatware-  If you've had your eye on this, now is the time!!  Keep reading!

I know, I know... I share this flatware with you often, but I'm sharing it again today because my friend Marley and I were chatting about it the other day, then while shopping she tipped me off to an extra amazing deal!  Are you familiar with the "Honey" website?  It's a savings site that you join (for free), then it walks you through saving their tool to your computer tool bar.  When shopping at a retailer that works with Honey, you can click their icon and it automatically searches extra coupon code possibilities throughout the internet, then applies it to your purchase, even if it's not the store's promo code.  I've been using it for a little while and have received greater savings than I found by myself.  There's an app as well if you shop primarily on your phone, but I haven't used that yet, just desktop.  I assume it would work the same way.

SO.... if you use it in conjunction with this flatware, it makes each 20 piece set (4 place settings) right around $15!!!  I've never seen it that low.  To get the discount, after you've installed Honey go to the flatware link, load it in your cart, and then when you're ready to check out click your Honey icon (it might automatically prompt you to check Honey coupons).  It will search and apply the savings for you.  Easy as pie!  All that to say, this is an especially great gift at that price!

6. Custom Family Watercolor Portrait-  I think these custom family painting are the sweetest.  Perfect for the person who has everything or especially appreciates sentimental gifts.

7. Ugg Tassel Throw- Besides the fact that these come in 4 pretty colors and are super cute with the tassel corners, I like that this is a lighter weight cotton throw.  We don't necessarily need our super cozy throws out this time of year, but with cool a/c temps it's nice to have a light cover when a chill hits.
This cute navy and white striped throw is a great option if you DO want a cozier, warmer throw.  I have a sweater that's the same brand and it's the softest ever, I can only imagine how wonderful the throw would be.

8.  Design Books- You can never go wrong with a beautiful book!

These are some of my favorites with gorgeous covers and inspirational content- (click left and right arrows to browse, then click photo for more details)

9. Monogrammed Cutting Board- Again, anything personalized gets two thumbs up in my book.  Not only fun to use, these would be attractive just propped against her backsplash.

10. Personalized Cosmetic Bags or Totes- Take your pick according to Mom's taste of any of these monogrammed cosmetic bags or totes, they're all winners!

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Well hello there friends!  I know posts have been scarce here lately.  I feel like it's really been forever since I've had a regular 2-3x/week posting schedule, and I've missed you!  No major explanation other than we've been in an exceptionally busy season of life.  But, in reality, things are probably always this busy, I've just been stopping to smell the roses (or the ranunculus) a bit more and soaking up life away from the computer.

So, I feel like a big catch up is in order!  And believe me, this post is a doozy!  Here's a peek of what's been going on lately- happenings in our family, what projects are in the works, some tips and snapshots of things around the house... basically a huge batch of what's on my camera roll for the past few months!

This year is full of many milestones for us.  Ray & I will celebrate our 25th Anniversary in June, and as we've thought about options of what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go, we realized we likely won't have many more opportunities to take a big trip with just the 4 of us, so we decided to take the kids along with us.  Caleb will graduate from High School in a few weeks and Emily is days away from turning 16, so we're celebrating all the things together!  We kept the plans under wraps and surprised the kids one evening with the news... we're going to Hawaii!

To make sharing the news a bit more fun and eventful, we hit Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby and gathered up anything Hawaii related we could find, then wrapped it all up for them.

Before dinner we gave them their "present" and let them connect the dots of what all of the items meant.

They deciphered the clues pretty quickly and were excited!

Spring Break had just started, so the next morning we sent them both off on mission trips, one to Santa Crux and one to Phoenix.  Ray and I took a few days away and visited Hill Country in Texas. It was beautiful, quiet, and just what we needed for a few days of R&R.

We did a major clean out and had a garage sale, but I always have several irons in the fire so in the middle of that I had another project brewing...

These barstools have needed a major makeover and I finally committed to painting them, but couldn't decide on the color.  Since they were getting painted anyway I did a sample on each one so I could get a feel for what I liked.  What do you think?  I *might* have already made a decision, and they look 1,000 times better painted than they did before!  Still need to finish recovering the seat and I'll share them soon.

It seems like my only projects these days involve chairs after the big new Dining Room project...  These are the chairs that came with my new dining room table, but I broke up the set and these will be going in the Breakfast Nook.  They desperately needed new foam and fabric, so I worked to get those re-covered.

Here's a peek at what I did with them, I'll share them finished and in their spot soon.

Other than lightening our cabinets and attic, my goal for the garage sale was to make enough to cover at least one of our plane tickets to Hawaii- those aren't cheap! ;)  I'm happy to say that we came very close to selling out after only one day, this is all we had left.  Some of that was stuff to return to my sister, so off to the thrift store the leftovers went and we didn't even open a second day. And, we made enough to cover 1 1/2 tickets.  Woo hoo!  I wrote all of my tips on how to have a great garage sale here, and our customers always comment on what a good sale it is (not because of the stuff, but the organization).

I was recently a guest on a podcast, and the episode is live! My friend Denise (I’ve shared about her shop The Plaid Pineapple many times) interviewed me and we chat about my blogging journey and experiences, my faith, my background, my family, entertaining... a little bit of everything. Add that to the list of something I never thought I’d do! You can listen by searching your podcast platform for her show “Everyday with Denise”, and I’m Episode 9.

After many years of my daughter asking but we never got around to it, we finally planted tulips.  They bloomed and were glorious, the prettiest coral-red shade.  It was definitely one of those "why didn't we do this sooner" moments!  I wish I had saved the label of what they were called, I just picked them up on major clearance at Home Depot late in the season and we plopped them in the ground.  We'll definitely be planting more this year.

The folks at Plutonium sent me some of their paint to try.  One of their big claims is that their paint dries super fast, so I was excited to try it out.  THEY ARE RIGHT!!  In less than 10 minutes, this guy was dry, ready to handle, not sticky or tacky at all. And, it has the most beautiful smooth, velvety finish.  I'm a fan and will be using it often. Many times when I get a wild hair to paint something I want to be done with it right now, and this paint is a star for quick makeovers!  I believe that it's available in some art stores and maybe hardware stores, or you can find it here. (affiliate links used in this post)

We've been busy taking Senior pictures with my son. Ray snapped this photo the other day while we were in action!

We opted to pass on the formal (expensive!) school announcements and instead created our own personalized announcements.  I worked with Minted to create the custom look we wanted, and although it was my first time to use them, the process could not have been easier.  They walk you through every step and we were able to get exactly what we wanted. The quality is beautiful and they arrived a week sooner than we expected.  I'm so pleased- and more importantly HE'S pleased- with how they turned out.  If you need me in the near future I'll be addressing loads of envelopes!  ;)  Check out Minted for beautiful shower and wedding announcements and any of your personalized greeting card needs as well.

I think I've shared this before, but it bears repeating.  It's Kimberly Queen fern time!  This is my favorite go-to variety.  They're hearty, can take some sun, and will survive even if you forget to water them for a few days.  ;)  I always find them at Lowe's, sometimes Home Depot or Walmart as well.  They will get larger through the Summer and I just love their upright fronds.

Another great thing about them is they can be divided.  I always get one to split in half, right down the middle with a serrated knife, for my window boxes.

I put those together a few days ago. Home Depot had their basic hanging pots on sale for $5 each, so I got a bunch of those to plant.  I divided the geraniums up as well (each plant in the hanging pot easily separates) and got some sweet potato vine to add in.

So, here they are finished!  I've got my thriller (1/2 of a fern), my filler (2 geranium pots divided), and my spiller (sweet potato planted on each end, I tucked them behind the geranium on the ends where they'll fill in, you can't quite see them yet until they get bigger).  I've never done this hot pink/light pink mix before and I'm loving it!  I bought many more of the same geraniums to plant in the beds.  Working on that!

Finally, we had a great weekend celebrating our Risen Savior on Easter!

 Caleb's Suit (A fantastic deal for growing boys, especially tough to fit tall and thin ones, it looks great and won't break the bank!  He also has this one and a black one and we can vouch that they're winners!)  ||  Emily's Dress  ||  My dress- too old to link!  ||  Emily's Sandals  || My Sandals- Similar

We spent the afternoon hosting my family and some friends, the kids had a great time hanging out.

I didn't get this added to my Easter table post from last week because we basically threw it together a few hours before our guests arrived, but this was the "kids" table.  It was super simple- I used some wrapping paper to kind of tie it to the table in the Dining Room, then gathered up a few fun Easter decorations.  Remember those hanging pots I just talked about?  Yes, dropped one of those in my big milk glass punch bowl and covered the plastic pot with eggs for the centerpiece.  I had picked up the white chocolate bunnies for each place at Dollar tree.  I saved the boxes so the kids could take them home, but they somehow disappeared before that happened!  ;)

Alright, you're all caught up with most of what's been happening around here!  And I plan to be here more often again, so see you again soon.

P.S. I just noticed that one of my favorite sales is going on only through tomorrow... extra 50% off of all sale styles!  Here are a few of my picks from the sale- the gingham trench, leopard sweater blazer and gold hinge bracelet are on their way to me.  ;)  The dresses are perfect for showers, brunches, casual summer weddings, or date night and I have a similar white top that's perfect to wear with almost anything. So many good things included in the sale, click on one of the photos for more info. 

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Hello there, friends!  This week has been busy as we prepare to host family and friends this weekend for Easter.  I set our table yesterday and wanted to share it with you.  This year I made our more formal Easter tablescape very simple, and kept things extra easy by picking up the flowers for the centerpiece at the grocery store.

grocery store flowers, easter table, dining room table

I wanted all of the focus to be on the colorful fresh flowers lined up down the center, so I didn't add in a lot of extras this time.  Just the basics, and I'm happy with the clean, crisp feel yet it's not short on color!

This look would be very easy to replicate-
*Fold a tablecloth to use as a runner.  An alternative would be to use a length of fabric, just press the raw edges under.  You could even use my favorite wrapping paper runner trick!

*Gather a group of similar vases (odd numbers look best) to line the center of the table.  If you don't have any on hand, thrift stores or the dollar store are great resources, you can spray paint random vases to all have the same color, or even using old bottles or jars with the labels removed would work.

*Hit the grocery store for a few bunches of mixed flowers.  Just a couple will go a long way, especially if you also buy a greenery filler bunch to spread out or use green clippings from your yard.

*Stack plates on a charger or round placemat and you're done!  I almost did an all white stack to keep my look even more simple, but at the last minute added in my Imperial Leaf plates.  Vintage battenburg lace napkins and monogrammed silver napkin rings from an estate sale finish things off.  Every Easter I pull out my darling lamb salt cellars that were actually from the same estate sale in my neighborhood, that was a good one!

We should have 10 adults for dinner, so I'll add the last leaf and a few more chairs and we'll all be able to be seated here.  I'm loving my new table!  We'll let the 7 (teenager) kids that will be here sit together in the Breakfast Nook.  I hope to get it set today or tomorrow morning and will snap a pic or two and add it to this post.

(affiliate links used)

Gold Dot Tablecloth, similar here, or runner here  ||  Vases- At Home (past season)  ||  Gold Chargers  ||  Floral China  ||  Battenburg Napkins  ||  Chair Back Fabric- Yardage or Sample Size  ||  Drapery Fabric  ||  Brass Sconces  ||  Blue Willow Platter


China Cabinet- Behr Pine Scent  ||  Wing Chairs- Rustoleum Gloss Navy Spray Enamel  ||  Round Back Chairs- Rustoleum Blossom White  ||  Walls- Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan cut to 25%

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