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Happiest of Fridays, friends!  Did this week fly by for you like it did for me?  It sure helped to have a 4 day school week.  Here are some of my recent purchases and finds that I loved so much I wanted to share with you, let me know what catches your eye!

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I actually shared these playing cards as part of my Christmas Gift Guide, but they were only available for preorder at the time.  Well, now they're in stock and I received mine and they are soooooo fun!

I really enjoy the work of photographer Gray Malin, but his prints are a bit out of my price range.  His "At The Parker" series shot at the classic hotel featuring a variety of animals is my favorite, and when I saw it offered on a set of cards I wanted it right away.  There are 2 decks in the set and with 52 different photos in the deck.

What better way to enjoy the collection?  We'll be using these from now on for family game night, but they would make such a fun hostess, housewarming, or shower gift too!

My next 3 favorites all come from the same source.  I've shared it with you in the past (read this post for my tips for sizing and ordering) but it's been a while since I've ordered from them.  They now have a US shipping facility so it doesn't take long at all to receive your order.  One of my orders qualified for free express shipping and I received it in less than 3 days, and my other order was free regular shipping and it took about a week which is comparable to most stores.

I purchased some clothing pieces but peeked at their accessories while I was there and they are such incredible prices I threw a few in my cart to check out.  I was very pleased with all of them when they arrived!  I bought these 4 pairs, and they were all $4 or less per pair.  Such a steal for "trendier" type pieces!  Don't those marbled ones remind you of melting pieces of crayons together with the iron and waxed paper?  ;)

I've worn these several times already and get so many compliments on them!

Sweater- other colors only now available but on sale! 

These are probably my favorite from the bunch, $4!!! They are a substantial size without being overly heavy.  I'm careful about not getting earrings that pull on my ears too much and these don't bother me at all.

Honestly, I bought this clutch on a whim because it was $5.  The listing didn't have many details and didn't give measurement but I took a chance anyway, and I was stunned when I opened the package!  It was a very generous size and the design was gorgeous!  The cute pink pom poms didn't hurt one bit, either.  This is going to be a Spring and Summer staple for sure!

Here are 10 more super cute styles, each under $10!

(click left and right arrows to see more options)

It's been 20 years since I've worn neck scarves, but they're coming back and being worn in a variety of ways. These styles are a little larger than a bandana, perfect for tying around your neck, ponytail, purse strap, hat brim, or wrapping around your wrist!

I couldn't resist this $4 colorblock striped scarf-

and added this $3 swan print to my order while I was at it.  It's gorgeous too!

Here are a few more of my picks in the same style, and you guys, most of these are THREE DOLLARS!!  These are definitely nice enough to tuck into a gift too, I promise they look way more expensive than their price tag suggests!

(click left and right arrows to see more options)

Lastly today, a winter closet staple that I've been wearing on repeat.  I've told you of my love for Rockstar jeans in the past, but earlier this season I got a pair of the mid-rise "warm" version that has a soft, fleece-like (without being bulky) backing on the inside of the fabric.  Unlike regular jeans or leggings where the cold comes right through, these are legit and totally keep me cozier when the temps are frigid!

Warm Rockstar Jeans (under $20!)
Black and White Gingham Blouse (major sale- $10!)
Similar Wedge Sneakers- here or here

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Today I have a quick little makeover to share with you.  I don't think anything is ever really "finished" around here, there's always room for improvement!  I've shared this little spot with you before... 

Remember the antique chest that I picked up from our neighbor's curb then made a new faux marble top for it?  And the abstract art canvas that I painted and layered a wrapped foam board behind it to bulk it up a bit? Well that spot got another upgrade last week, once again a case of "one man's trash is another (wo)man's treasure!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you might have seen my video talking about this little project as it was happening, but I'm sharing the finished product for the first time here today.  After the Christmas decorations are packed back away, the first of the year always brings the desire to change things up a bit.  After taking down the Christmas wreath that was hung over that chest, I was reminded that I really needed to be on the lookout for a large canvas or frame that I could add to that spot.  That was always my original inspiration for the space, I just hadn't come across the right thing at the right price yet, and had made do the best I could in the meantime.  

So with those thoughts spinning through my head one unseasonably warm day after New Year's while the kids were still home, Emily and I took a spin around the neighborhood in the golf cart.  And it was big trash day!  (Once a month our city allows for large items to be set out to be collected- I always take a sloooow drive around the neighborhood on those days...ha!)  We whizzed by one house with a large picture set out on the curb, and as we kept going I thought "Huh, that frame looked pretty big!".  So I made Emily go back and we checked it out and proceeded to load it up on the back of the golf cart and drive back across the neighborhood with it... wish I had a photo of that!  ;)

It was definitely in sad shape and not pretty at all, but it was wood and huge (about 4 feet tall!) and heavy and I could tell that it had been an expensive frame.  I checked the measurements and to my delight the proportions were just right for my abstract canvas.  So, I moved fast and took advantage of the warm temps that day and got busy with my favorite gold spray paint.

The frame was so heavy that I took the opportunity while it was still empty and added the hardware to the back, then found the right spot to hang it while I could easily see where to put the nail.

I needed a solid back for the frame so I could attach the canvas to it, so I found a thin but sturdy piece at Home Depot and had them cut it to size for me. I still really liked the polka dot fabric that I already had behind the canvas, so I unwrapped it from the piece of foam board that I had been using and attached it with spray adhesive to the new backing board.  The frame already had metal tabs around the back to bend down and secure the back, so I was able to easily install it and hold the board in place.  Then I just used two nails (or push pins would have worked) in the board to hang the canvas on the front.

That's it!  A fairly easy project for a nice upgrade to this space.  

Now I feel like the piece is the appropriate size for that wall and has a much more polished look.

The 4" thickness of the frame is really nice because the layered canvas nestles inside there instead of laying on top.

Side note:  I wanted to show you this cool plant!  I needed something new for my head planter and while there wasn't a great selection at Lowe's or Home Depot right now, I found this "Rainbow Moss" that's good for low light areas.  I tried to capture the pretty color, can you see the variation of almost a turquoise blue in some of the leaves?

Yay for kicking off the year with quick, easy upgrades!  I have several mini-makeovers and a few room overhauls planned this year, excited to walk through them with you!

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Well hello there, long time no post, right?  I guess I should begin by saying Happy 2019 since this is my first post of the year!  I hope your new year is off to a great start.  It's been tough to get back in the swing of things after the holidays, but I've been compiling a big list of content to share with you coming up and am ready to get back at it.  But first, today I'm re-entering gently with a wrap up of some favorite posts from 2018, both mine and yours (according to stats!).

It's always so interesting to see which posts are the most popular, and this one was definitely at the top last year!  My sister and I did a mortar wash on our parents' brick fireplace.  We were winging it and learning as we went and I didn't even plan to write a tutorial on it until last minute.  I definitely would have taken better photos and documented more of the process had I known how popular this post would be!  :)

My blog friends and I shared a "My Five Favorites" post once a month, but these were the top three favorite subjects over the year according to reader analytics.  For a full list of all of our MFF posts (36 to choose from!), click here and scroll to the bottom of the post.

Christmas Tours-  Part 1- Living Room  ||  Part 2- Dining Room and Kitchen  ||  

Thank you for your faithfulness in following along with me here through the years.  I appreciate each and every one of you and your enthusiasm for color!  I'm excited about what's to come this year!

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