Thursday, April 30, 2015


SLIGHT panic attack as I just typed WEEK 5!  I'll admit, I tend to be a procrastinator and work best under pressure, but this one will be cutting it close for sure!

If you're visiting for the first time, welcome!  I'm making over my Master Bedroom (that we painted almost 3 years ago and then progress completely stalled).  This big ol' crazy party was created by Linda from Calling It Home to encourage those who need it (me!) to get busy and get a room finished.  Feel free to look back and catch up...

Week 1- Before photos and the plan
Week 2- Lighting & Furniture
Week 3- Work in progress
Week 4- Furniture

This week I feel like I might actually see a tiny bit of light at the end of the tunnel, but there is still so much to do.  And, we're expecting stormy weather early next week (no bueno for photographing), so I'm feeling the need to finish even sooner so I can photograph with some light!  

A few days ago I was finally able to begin putting some things in place.  My husband installed the amazing swing-arms that I wrote about in Week 3, got the tv mounted, and I started moving things in.  I'm thinking about a few things that will make up a gallery wall around the tv, and am trying to decide between color or black and white photos.  LOVE the look of a b&w photo wall (I have one in our Office), but am not sure if that's right for this room.  I'll be experimenting over the next few days.  Some pillow experimenting is happening here too.

This project kept me busy for several days this past week... but it was totally worth it!  You just get a sneak peek today, but these are the doors that lead into the bathroom, and they were just flat and black before.  There will definitely be more details coming about these in the coming weeks!  Sorry, they're really bright white, but my lighting was bad.

Updating the armoire was my other big project this week.  More details later, but remember it had a lighter stain that tended to read orange, as oak does.  This was my first time to try a gel stain, and I can say I'm pretty happy with the results!  The hardware has really had me stumped on this one.  Nothing seemed right.  I don't want it to go rustic, but anything too glam didn't seem to work either.  I *think* I finally came up with something yesterday, but still need to finalize.

Although I measured and cut a few weeks ago, I didn't get around to sewing my drapes until this week.  But, I'm happy to say,I finished the drapes late last night!  They still need to be hung, but I'm so glad to have that task in particular finished.  Sewing drapery panels (115" long and double width) with blackout lining (so hard to work with) is no fun at all!

Here's my tip for today...  when I'm working with large pieces of fabric on the floor, I use my cutting board under the edges as a make-shift ironing board (just don't leave your iron in one spot for too long on the cardboard).  Working with that much fabric and trying to keep all straight and together, it's nearly impossible to get it onto an ironing board.  So, I scoot along the floor and do as much as possible all in one spot.

Although that big sewing chore is done, I still have plenty of pillows to sew.  I've been playing with different possibilities and trying to decide which one I want where.  And then thinking about details... which ones need trim?  Should I monogram? What size?  How many?  So many decisions...  ;)  BTW, that's just the fabric that will be on the headboard thrown up in the back.  That's tomorrow's project!   

I've seriously been keeping an eye out for reasonably priced lamps for this room for months, and have come up empty handed.  I can't get to Homegoods very often, but when I did I never found the right thing.  This week I noticed these at Hobby Lobby, and I'm going to try them out.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but they just might work.  I think.  

To Do:
getting better, but still lots to mark off in a few short days!

DIY Upholstered Headboard- in progress
Bedding- Duvet, Bedskirt, Pillows
Make drapes and install
Switch out white blinds for bamboo shades- here but not installed
Update and paint nightstands
Ceiling Light (Chandelier Makeover post here)
Find and install lamps and other lighting
Choose Rug
Refinish armoire and install new hardware
Add molding, prime and paint fireplace
Mount TV to wall
Sitting area gallery wall
Reupholster ottoman stools
Choose chair fabric and have reupholstered
Choose artwork/mirror for headboard wall
Add molding and repaint doors to bathroom

Thanks so much for checking in today, be sure to visit the other Linking One Room Challenge participants here!

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Welcome to another Best of the Nest link party, we're all so glad you're here!

We're thrilled this month to have Mary Ann from Classic*Casual*Home as our guest host this month.   I think I first was introduced to Mary Ann's blog when I saw her gorgeous guest bedroom.  Her style is truly classic and casual, and beautiful!  I enjoy checking in on the changes in her home, and even more catching a glimpse of the beautiful view of San Francisco out her window.  Mary Ann is sharing her makeover of her dining room chairs, and what a lucky duck to have recruited a friend to help her paint them!  After you link up, be sure to check out Mary Ann's blog.  I know you'll love it! 

Mary Ann {Classic*Casual*Home}

I've been so busy working on my bedroom for the One Room Challenge this month, that I didn't have much to show project wise.  However, I took a little break from the ORC to share my Spring Home Tour and a few ways I've freshened up my home.

Pam could best me any day in amazing Craigslist finds... I'm about ready to move to Denver just to be able to shop CL there!  She's had several incredible scores lately, which prompted her to rearrange her living room to fit all of the goodness in!  I get a new idea every time I "visit" Pam's lovely home, so this refresh was fun to see.  I love the gallery wall she added after moving her sofa against a wall, and you MUST go see the amazing mirror she is the proud new owner of, courtesy of our friend Craig.  

Pam @ Simple Details

Kris shared her drop dead gorgeous Acrylic and Brass Drapery Hardware that she recently installed in her office.  Lucite + Brass?  A match made in heaven!  This room is perfection, yet somehow continues to get better and better!

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor

Finally, Lisa is also working hard on the One Room Challenge, but she's making over a client's Living Room and is sharing her latest update with us.  She's using several pieces that her client already owned, but freshening it up with new paint, new accessories, and a different furniture arrangement.  She found this cute table at a thrift store and styled it with some Reader's Digest books also found there, one of my favorite accessories! 

Lisa @ Shine your Light 

Alright, let's see what you've been up to!  And don't forget, even if you aren't a blogger you can still participate.  Just post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag at least one of the hosts and use the hashtag #bestofthenestparty.
Kris (@drivenbydecor)
Pam (@pamsimpledetails)
Lisa (@lisa_shineyourlight)
Jennifer (@jenniferdimplesandtangles)

There are just a few guidelines to remember...
*Link to your specific post, not your home page.
*Please make sure that your project is from APRIL.
*Only ONE link per person! If more than one link is added, all but your first link will be deleted.
*Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.  
*Spread some comment love - please visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.

Feel free to grab a button for your post!

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Thursday, April 23, 2015


You guys, we're on a serious countdown and I'm rapidly approaching panic mode!  I'm constantly debating whether or not I'm going to be able to finish.  Why oh why did I make such an ambitious to-do list, full of so many DIYs?  

If you're just jumping in, I'm working on my Master Bedroom that we actually painted over two years ago, and I've been "planning" the rest of the makeover ever since.  I'm so grateful to Linda from Calling It Home for spear-heading this challenge, and encouraging us to get something done, within an obviously much-needed time frame.  Feel free to look back and catch up on Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.  

This was furniture week!  It's been a rainy forecast, but I knew Monday would be nice, so I scrambled to set up the paint shop in the back yard. 

Prep ended up taking most of the day, and thankfully the Lord blessed with another beautiful day on Tuesday so I could finish up before the rain came.  I trimmed out the fireplace and got it all painted...

Here's a look at the base that my Dad built for it to sit on so it will be a bit taller and more substantial in the room.  It's tiny without it!  Pretty straightforward, but of course it's perfect and he filled every nail hole.  ;)  

We think the entire piece turned out so well.  With each project that gets checked off the list, I just keep thinking "What took me so long to get that done???"

The nightstands (see the before here) got painted also.  I posted an in-process pic on Instagram to document the first time I've ever painted a piece of furniture white.  Can you believe it?

I still need to attach the hardware, and will be using these beauties from D. Lawless Hardware.  I've loved these since the first time I saw them and was waiting for the perfect project to use them on. That scalloped detail makes me swoon!  

I can't wait to tell you more about this makeover in the next few weeks, there's one aspect of it that I'm particularly proud of... stay tuned!

The doors that lead to the bathroom were removed and I got them all sanded down (I painted them black a while back, but with this design decided to take them back to white.)  I'm working on a special trim detail for them, so they're still in progress.  Here's a sneak peek:

The last project in the works for now is the headboard.  We've gathered the supplies and I decided on the shape and size, but that's as far as we are.   Can't believe I'm posting this, but I tried it out for size and I'll share with you just so you have an idea.  Those pillows are Euro size, so the headboard will be tall- around 6 feet.   (Please don't think my home is always perfect like you usually see in photos like my Spring Home Tour.  This is real life, especially when I'm in project mode... we live here... and usually just outside the camera frame things are definitely different than they appear in the photo!)

I'm really undecided on what kind of art to do on that wall.  I have a pair of the mirrors that you see in the pic.  Do I...
-leave those and keep it empty above the bed? 
-use artwork over the nightstands and do some type of mirror (probably sunburst or maybe my peacock) over the bed?  
-use artwork over the nightstands and keep it empty above the bed?  

Decisions, decisions.  As I looked through my Bedroom Pinterest board (are you following me on Pinterest?) most of the images I've pinned keep things very simple, with either something over the bed OR something over the nightstands.  I'm going to have to play around with that arrangement a little bit.  What are your thoughts?

OK, about that list...

To Do: 

DIY Upholstered Headboard- in progress
Bedding- Duvet, Bedskirt, Pillows
Make drapes- in progress
Switch out white blinds for bamboo shades- here but not installed
Update and paint nightstands
Ceiling Light (Chandelier Makeover post here)
Find and install lamps and other lighting
Choose Rug
Refinish armoire
Add molding, prime and paint fireplace
Mount TV to wall
Sitting area gallery wall
Reupholster ottoman stools
Choose chair fabric and have reupholstered
Choose artwork/mirror for headboard wall
Add molding and repaint doors to bathroom- in progress

Check out the other Linking One Room Challenge participants here!

See you back here tomorrow for Best of the Nest.  If you're a blogger, we'd love to have you join the party and come link up your best project from April!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Hi there, friends!  I have been working extra hard to knock out my never-ending ORC to-do list.  I've hardly been on the computer or social media, so I'm feeling a little out of the loop!  Looking forward to catching up with everyone around the web soon.  I did want to check in today, though, with the details from a project I showed you a few weeks ago. 

In my week 2 update for the One Room Challenge, I shared the chandelier in our room that we replaced the ceiling fan with.  I've always loved Jenny's giant chandelier and looked for one for a long time, but never came across a similar one.  However, I finally came across this one and thought it might work. 

There were a few things that I didn't like about it and dated it in my opinion, mainly the super shiny finish and the flourish accent pieces.

I knew that paint would be an easy fix for the finish, and came up with a plan to simplify the design and make it look a bit more modern.

I used a Dremel with the appropriate attachment wheel for cutting metal to cut the fan accents off.  

I tried to make as straight of a cut as possible for a nice clean look.  They were solid metal so it took a bit of cutting, but the Dremel did a great job and sliced through fairly easily.  Some sparks did fly while I was cutting, so take care if you try something like this, and be sure to use the appropriate safely equipment (glasses!). 

After filing the rough cut edges smooth, it was ready for paint!  

I used Rustoleum's Metallic Brass (hard to find anymore) to spray it.  I decided to paint the candle covers also so they wouldn't stick out as much.

Right around the time I was working on the light, I saw this random clock pop up on Craigslist too ($10), and I immediately envisioned it as a ceiling medallion.  

The clock face was a thin piece of metal, so I removed it and the hands and was left with a plastic center.  I used the Dremel again (it's actually my Dad's, I think I need one on my next Birthday list!) to cut an opening out.  The edges didn't need to be perfect because the light canopy would cover it up.  After a quick coat of paint to match the light, it was all set.

The medallion went up first, taking care to make sure it was centered exactly.  We attached it to the ceiling with 2 screws that aren't even visible from the ground.

Then, my husband installed the light.  It took a little bit of trial and error since the canopy wasn't attaching directly to the ceiling.  I ended up using Gorilla Glue to stick it to the medallion.  

Globe bulbs finished it off for the modern look that I wanted.  I prefer the clear bulbs but opaque are available also.  

It's a large scale for the room, but I love it that way.  The simple lines and airy arms keep it from being overpowering.  And, we can SEE in our room!  The ceiling fan light was always so dim.  This one feels like the sun...  we need to add a dimmer to it.  

I think lamp and chandelier makeovers will always be my favorite.  Check back tomorrow for a Week 4 progress report on my bedroom!

Updated:  See the finished space here!

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Sunday, April 19, 2015



April 19, 1995

We will never forget where we were and what we were doing on the morning of April 19, 1995.  Oklahoma families were forever changed with loved ones lost.  But in the midst of tragedy...  kindness, service, sacrifice, generosity, grace, healing and love took place.

It's come to be known as the Oklahoma Standard, and it proves true over and over and over again.

Today, I've never been more proud or thankful to be a native Oklahoman. Over the past 20 years, the world has watched Oklahomans rise up, work together and grow stronger in the midst of such heartbreak and adversity.  

May God continue to bless and care for the families of those lost that day.  Each one was special and will not be forgotten.  

Posted by Senator James Lankford on Friday, April 17, 2015

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Friday, April 17, 2015


Today I'm so excited to wrap up one of the best weeks in blogland... the Blogger Stylin' Home Tours!

I wanted to thank Lindsay of The White Buffalo Styling Company for allowing me to once again be a part of this edition.  I've participated in each BSHT since the beginning, and I always think they're so much fun!  If you're stopping by from Primitive and Proper, thanks for coming!  I just adore Cassie's personality-filled home.

If you're new for the tour today, welcome to our home!  We have lived in this house almost 8 years, and are slowly but surely working to update it and make it our own.  We'll begin our tour at the front porch.  I buy these giant Kimberly Queen ferns from Lowe's every year, and with the huge statement that they make, I consider them money well spent!

Come on in, you'll quickly see that I love pattern, color, and transforming second hand finds.

The Living Room got a fresh look for Spring, mainly by switching around pillows and rotating accessories. 

I never truncate my posts, but this one is so full of photos I decided to do so on this one.  Pretty please click through to see the rest of the tour...

Thursday, April 16, 2015


As I was checking in on some of my favorite bloggers yesterday for their One Room Challenge updates (see the group of Wednesday gals at Calling It Home), several of them mentioned that we're at the half way mark.  Way to give a girl heart palpitations!  I feel like I've barely dipped my toe in the water, I definitely need to get a move on with this makeover! 

If you're new here, Welcome!  You can catch up on my makeover progress here:

I do have a few more things to cross off the list this week...  

I finished the stools that I shared last week, and is anyone surprised that I added the nailheads AND the ribbon?  I plan for them to sit at the end of the bed, but they're in the living room right now and it's the perfect spot for them.  I hope I can tear them away when the bedroom is finished!  I'll have a tutorial soon for their makeover.  Bonus, you get a little sneak peek of what's going on for my Blogger Stylin' Home Tour that I'll be sharing tomorrow. I'd love for you to come back and check out the Spring touches I've added around my home! (Sorry for the yellow-y tint, it was getting dark.)

I've started cutting out the curtains, always a bigger chore than I remember!  When working with such big pieces of fabric, since I don't have much open floor space at home, I like to drag all of my supplies up to our church and cut it out in an empty hallway.  It's nice to see the entire piece (17 yards!) all at once and be able to match everything up easily.  

And, a favorite tip that I've posted before is to use my laser level to cut straight lines across big pieces of fabric.  Works like a charm!

We picked up the chairs from being re-upholstered, and they're terrific!

And speaking of terrific, did you catch a glimpse of that rug?  LOVE.  RugsUSA was kind enough to partner with me for my ORC and sent me this beauty.  After purchasing 2 rugs from them previously, this is my third one from the company and every single one is top notch in my experience.  This is the rug that I selected, and in addition to being beautiful, it's 75% off right now!  

That's all I have to show you in the way of progress this week.  So, today I thought I'd also share a little more about the wall opposite the bed that will be a little sitting area. 

Our room gets cold in the winter, so when I saw this freestanding fireplace mantle on Craigslist, I thought it would be a good addition to our room.  Besides the practical warming factor, I've always dreamed of having a fireplace in the bedroom.  I love the character it adds.  The problem with a lot of these units is that they're very short, this one was only about 4 feet tall, not big enough for the statement that I was looking for.  

So, my handy dad made a base that's about a foot tall to raise it up.  We're adding some quarter round and molding to the bottom to finish it out.  I'm hoping once it's all assembled and painted it will be one cohesive looking unit.  

This week has been a rainy one, and I'm hoping next week clears up so I can drag the fireplace and nightstands outside to spray it all at once. 

Imagine the pretty fireplace, the pair of chairs flanking it, and a little table for books or a drink. 

Around the fireplace, we'll mount the tv and I'll be coming up with some kind of a gallery wall.  Another thing to think about- I have some random artwork but will mainly be using family photos... color or black and white?  I don't know yet.  But, there's one thing that I'm probably more excited about than anything else in the room right now.  Want a peek?

Perfection.  1,000 times prettier in person.  It's always hard to get a true idea of an item pictured online, but I couldn't have been happier when I opened the box.  The shade was round and white (I thought it looked oval maybe and slightly creamy in the photo), and the gold was the perfect color, not to dark or too bright and brassy.  These Phila Gold Leaf swing arm lamps are a good value and look so much more high-end than their price tag suggests.  I'm planning for this sitting area to be a comfy spot for reading or relaxing, but there wasn't really a great spot for a table lamp, and even a floor lamp would be a little awkward.  Sconces were the perfect solution, and when I saw that these extended 25", I knew they were the perfect choice.  I seriously can't wait to get these hung!

That's it for this update, I really, really need to kick it into high gear!  

To Do: 
(not nearly enough crossed off here!)

DIY Upholstered Headboard
Bedding- Duvet, Bedskirt, Pillows
Make drapes
Switch out white blinds for bamboo shades
Update and paint nightstands
Ceiling Light
Find and install lamps and other lighting
Choose Rug
Refinish armoire
Add molding, prime and paint fireplace
Mount TV to wall
Sitting area gallery wall
Reupholster ottoman stools
Choose chair fabric and have reupholstered
Choose artwork/mirror for headboard wall
Add molding and repaint doors to bathroom

Thank you to RugsUSA and Lamps Plus for working with me on this makeover, and thank you readers for supporting these companies that keep the projects coming around here!

Click here to check in on the other makeovers in progress today, and I'll see you tomorrow for my Spring Blogger Stylin' Home Tour!
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