June 2021 - Dimples and Tangles


Today I'm participating with a group of Instagram friends who love to set pretty tables maybe even more than me!  We're sharing our Summer Tablescape ideas, and I thought I'd share outdoor Summer table here with you as well.  If you're on Instagram be sure to check out my latest post and tap on the tags of each participant to see their tables too, this is a group of table setting pros and you're sure to gather lots of pretty new ideas!  Everyone should have their posts up by mid-morning, so check back if you're reading this post before all of their posts are live on Instagram.  

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Hey everyone, Happy Monday!  I hope you're doing well.  I'm headed out this morning to spend the week at youth camp to help as a cook, I've got alllll of my comfy shoes packed!  I've helped out in the kitchen at camp a few other times and it's the most fun job, we get to see everyone there 3 times a day!  :)  It's also incredibly busy, a workout, and I have to get up much earlier than I'm used to but fun nonetheless! I know I've been SUPER sporadic with my posting the past few months but thanks for hanging in there with me.  We've just been in a season of family life where projects are on the back burner, but that is coming to a close and I have 3 projects right off the bat that I'm itching to get to and share.  I'll be starting up with those in a few weeks, I need to get in to July and then I'm back on track! So again, thanks for your patience and staying with me, and even though I'll be cooking away in person I've got a post ready to share with you tomorrow too with some pretty new content so be sure to stop back by!

Since I left early this morning I didn't have a chance to actually pore over the exact items that are on sale for Amazon Prime Day, but I have spent the past few days rounding up all of our favorites in hopes that some of them will be included!  So, here's a big old round up of things we actually own and use that I've bought over the past year or so.  If they're not included in Prime Day I apologize, but even so they're still great items and already good prices.  (If there's a way for bloggers to know beforehand what's going to be included in the sale I've never figured out what it is, so I'm at the mercy of waiting until the sale actually starts to see what's included just like everyone else.)  At the end I included my Prime Day Wish List, hoping that some of these things will be on sale too!   (If you're not a Prime Member try it for 30 days free here!)

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