April 2016 - Dimples and Tangles


Hello friends, thanks for checking in today!  If you're visiting from the link-up, I'm glad you're here, even though my heart is palpitating while typing WEEK 4...eeek!  Thanks to the One Room Challenge and the encouragement of Linda from Calling It Home, I'm working to make over my Powder Bath in just 6 short weeks, taking it from dark and dated to fresh and fabulous.  If you've missed any previous weeks, go ahead and catch up here-

Last week we played a little guessing game of guess which sconces I ordered.  There were so many good choices from Lamps Plus, and I would have been thrilled with any of them, but I selected the Hudson Valley Cortland aged brass sconces.

I'm not kidding, my heart skipped a few beats when I opened the box!  I liked them in the photo, but they are SO much better in real life!  The tall slim profile worked perfectly for the narrow wall they will go on flanking the mirror.  My brother in law is coming on Friday to do the wiring for me, and I can't wait to see these beauties hanging!

This room is so small that I knew the details needed to be special.  I'm not planning on having many accessories, so I want each piece that IS in there to be a showstopper.  Enter this beautiful hardware from LuxHoldups-

Again, these are even more beautiful in person!  They give just the right amount of a modern touch to the design to contrast some of the other traditional elements in the room.  The quality is so impressive as well.  The towel bar, toilet paper holder, and robe hook each surprised me by their craftsmanship and substantial weight.  These are not flimsy pieces and I'm confident that they will stand up well to lots of use, so they're practical AND pretty!

As far as labor goes for the past week, I got the top half of the room completely painted, then worked for a few days off and on to install the chair rail and the moulding.  Let me just say... I'm proud of that moulding!  I can't even count how many cuts I've made.

By the way, if you're local to OKC and don't know ABC Moulding (formerly Moulding King), you're missing out!  It's always my first stop to shop for moulding, or any wood accent pieces for that matter (corbels, furniture feet, decorative pieces, etc.).  There are absolutely no frills, but they have a better selection and much better prices than the big box stores.  Check it out sometime.  If you're like me you'll feel a little like a kid in a candy store!

Remember, there are SEVEN sides to this room, and some of those angles are extra tricky when you're trying to miter edges to fit together just right.

I have one small section left to finish.  This is where 3 walls wrap around the toilet and my brain couldn't take any more... I had to walk away.  I might need a moulding intervention to finish up that part.  ;)

I got a small start yesterday on stenciling the pattern on the top half of the room.  I'm using the Royal Design Studios Cheetah Spots stencil (#6164).  I wanted to copy the look of the pricey Thibaut Tanzania wallpaper, and I think this stencil will be just the ticket!  Don't look too closely yet, I barely got started and have some touch-ups and edges on this wall to finish, but I'm starting to see things come together.  I'll find my rhythm with the stenciling and share more about that with you on Monday.

Let's check in... I feel like there's still an awful lot to cross off of that list!  Somewhere I'll find time in between every day life and hosting a church fellowship at our house this weekend and school concerts and celebrating my daughter's 13th birthday 3 times (real birthday, friend party, and family party) between now and when time's up in less than 2 weeks.  Whew!


Remove wallpaper
Repair walls from wallpaper
Prime and paint walls
Install chair rail and moulding boxes- ALMOST! -caulk and fill holes
Prime and paint door trim, baseboards, chair rail and moulding
Determine artwork, order and/or DIY? - I have a plan!
New hardware accessories- order and install
Lighting- order and install
Mirror- locate and paint
Door- sand down and repaint 
Style & Photograph!

I'd like to give a huge thank you to these companies for partnering with me and supplying products for this makeover.   
Lamps Plus - Sconces  ||  Royal Design Studio - Wall Stencil  ||  Mintwood Home - Artwork and Rug  ||  Lux HoldUps - Bath Hardware

Today I'm linking up at Calling It Home with loads of other guest participants on this 6 week journey to transform a space in their home as well, click here to follow along with them too.  And, be sure to check in on the group of featured designers who will be sharing their updates each Wednesday.  I have several sweet, uber talented blog friends in this group and will be waiting anxiously each week to check in on their progress!

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This weekend my little sister and I spent an afternoon at a local neighborhood home tour.  Seven homes in this neighborhood agreed to participate in a tour to benefit their fund to build new entrance signs (a great idea for a fund raiser!), and one of them just happened to be the home of designer and blogger Rachel from Pencil Shavings Studio.

She graciously allowed photographs, so I brought my camera along to share the tour with you.  Her entry got a makeover recently... wow!  What a statement!

The formal living room, complete with a pair or fabulous bamboo bookcases-

and a green velvet sofa on the other side!

The adjoining dining room is full of color yet still so fresh and crisp.

Several local florists were sponsors the event, providing gorgeous arrangements at each home.  I adore this color combo.

These fabulous pagoda towers were on loan from a local shop for the tour.  I told her they might need to stay at her house!  ;)  She agreed.

Darling breakfast nook that you're familiar with if you follow her on Instagram.

I missed snapping her cute kitchen and family room except for this little corner, but you can see those here.  She photographed that pineapple herself and turned it into a giant piece of artwork!

The upstairs bonus room/studio space was a feast for this color-lover's eyes!  Those yellow chairs...

and a perfect little window seat with fun pillows-

Big brother's fun room-

Little brother's sweet room-

We absolutely loved this giant Disneyland poster.  Rachel said she had always admired it and her husband purchased it for her birthday one year.

Sarah and I had such a fun afternoon!  We both enjoyed visiting with Rachel and soaking up every nook and cranny filled with bold eye candy in her home.  Be sure to check out her blog for more details and sources for items in her house.  We attended four more homes in the tour as well, and I'll share them with you one by one coming up soon.

By the way, I took all of the shots from this tour with my new(ish) wide angle lens (affiliate link).  It was perfect for capturing tight spots and I really enjoyed using it as a good all-around lens while shooting in a hurry.  Sometimes there is a slight distortion of the room when shooting interiors, but all in all I think it's a great little lens for the price.  Just in case you're in the market...

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Hello friends, thanks for checking in today!  If you're visiting from the link-up, I'm glad you're here!  I'm working to make over my Powder Bath in just 6 short weeks, taking it from dark and dated to fresh and fabulous.

This week, the name of the game was patience.  As a reminder, last week I stripped all of the wallpaper, and because the walls weren't prepared properly before they were papered, there was damage to the drywall from removing the paper.  So.... I was at the mercy of my drywall repairman before I could proceed.  Fortunately, he worked me in pretty quickly, but didn't start until Saturday and had to come back Monday and Tuesday to finish the process.  I debated DIYing this, but in the end decided this was a job best left to the professionals.  So, here's where we were Tuesday evening... smooth, patched up walls!

I had to wait overnight for the final repairs to fully dry, so yesterday I was able to prime the walls.  Yay for a blank slate- finally- but our time is half way gone... yikes!

Even though I've been waiting to be able to move forward with the walls,  I've been working on the other components of the room.  The single sconce above where the mirror was will be removed and replaced with a pair of sconces flanking the mirror.  Lamps Plus graciously agreed to partner with me again for this makeover and I've spent many a spare minute browsing their huge selection of sconces.  I knew that I wanted a brass or gold finish, and these are 8 of the top contenders I narrowed my choices down to-

1  /  2  /  3  /  4  /  5  /  6  /  7  /  8 

Pretty, right?  I was kind of all over the place between modern and traditional styles.  I'll keep it a secret a bit longer which ones I chose, but I will say that they arrived yesterday, and they are FAB.U.LOUS!!  I can't wait to get them installed!

Another piece fell into place at just the right time. The mirror is a La Barge replica and the perfect size for above the sink.  I found it on my local Facebook garage sale site!  Do you use them in your area?  I'm starting to love those sites more and more!

There will definitely be some pops of color in the room, and I'm strongly leaning towards painting the mirror frame "Mambo Pink", the same bold glossy spray paint that I used on the candelabras for my Spring Tablescape.  I'm going to wait until the room gets a little further along to decide for sure.  

 The room has wood flooring already, but I like to keep a small rug in front of the sink.  I think this small graphic print black and white rug from Mintwood Home will be perfect to complement the design on the walls.

This print will go on the wall in the sink area.  Spots on a spotted wall?  Why yes, I think I will!  I've loved giraffes since I was a little girl- not so much that I want them all over my house, but I couldn't resist this spunky guy!  He arrived yesterday as well and is SO cute in person.  

I'm a little stumped on the rest of the artwork for the room.  Other than a few things on the wall around the sink, I'm not sure yet on a direction for the rest of the room.  Previously I had two complementary prints hung together on the largest wall, and that seemed to work alright.  Remember, the room has a strange footprint.  Beyond that large wall 3 small walls kind of come together to wrap around the toilet, so the large wall really makes the most sense to use.  Putting anything anywhere else just seems like too much in the small space.  

I'm thinking of using some oversized palm leaf prints, like Sarah's, but I'm definitely open to suggestions for what to do on these walls.

So, the majority of the planning is done and most of the parts and pieces are here, now it's just time to get to work and get my hands dirty.  I hope to show you some wonderfully spotted walls next week!  I'd love to see you on Instagram for updates, you can find me here.  If you've missed any previous weeks, catch up here:

I'd like to give a huge thank you to these companies for partnering with me on this makeover.  I've shared a few of them with you today and will tell you more about the others in the upcoming weeks.  
Lamps Plus - Sconces  ||  Royal Design Studio - Wall Stencil  ||  Mintwood Home - Artwork and Rug  ||  Lux HoldUps - Bath Hardware

Today I'm linking up at Calling It Home with loads of other guest participants on this 6 week journey to transform a space in their home as well, click here to follow along with them too.  And, be sure to check in on the group of featured designers who will be sharing their updates each Wednesday.  I have several sweet, uber talented blog friends in this group and will be waiting anxiously each week to check in on their progress!

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A few weeks ago I joined my daughter as her class went on a field trip to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.  Today, on the 21st Anniversary of the Murrah Building bombing, I thought it would be appropriate to share that trip with you.

Even though I was born and raised in Oklahoma City, and have been living here again for the past 13 years, we were living in Fort Worth at the time of the bombing.  I distinctly remember being in my 3rd grade classroom and hearing the news shortly after it happened, and then sitting in the conference room at lunch watching the television as everyone tried to figure out what had happened.

I'm guessing most of you know the details of that horrific day and sat glued to your tv screen as we did, or if you're a young reader I would hope you've learned about that day in a History class.  So, I'm not rehashing those details today.  I wanted to share with you some things about the Memorial that we learned when we were there.  And although I'm an OKC girl, I didn't know a lot about how the Memorial was designed and the significance and thoughtfulness behind everything that was done there.

First of all, the site is made up of two sections, the Outdoor Symbolic Memorial and the Indoor Memorial Museum.  The Outdoor Memorial is an affiliate of the National Park system, and the National Park Service provides services there.  The Memorial Museum is located in the building that was formerly the Journal Record building located just across the street from where the Murrah Building stood.

Our group began our tour at the Outdoor Memorial.  The morning was overcast and cool, which seemed fitting.  A National Park Ranger explained the design of the memorial and significance of how things were arranged.

A grass lawn full of 168 bronze chairs, called the Field of Empty Chairs. now sits where the Murrah building once stood.   The purpose behind the empty chairs is that they represent the idea that someone is missing.  

They are arranged in a very specific order- if you were to look down on the field from a bird's eye view, they would form the outline of the building, with gaps in the chairs representing the gouge that was blown out of the building in the explosion.  One section of 5 chairs represents the 5 people who were killed outside of the building.  The remainder of the chairs are arranged in 9 rows, representing each floor of the building.  Each chair in each row displays the name of the victim alphabetically and marks what floor that person was supposed to be on when the bomb went off.

There are 19 small chairs representing the children who died in the daycare which was housed on the second floor of the building.  3 chairs each have 2 names listed on them for mothers who were pregnant and far enough along that they had named their unborn babies.  Heart breaking.

Loblolly pines were selected to frame the field, and at maturity will be 9 stories tall, the same height that the building was.

A reflecting pool and monuments called "The Gates of Time" were constructed where the street in front of the building once was.  The gate at the east end of the pool marks 9:01 a.m., the minute before the explosion,

and the gate at the west end marks 9:03 a.m., the minute after.

The reflecting pool marks 9:02 a.m., that moment in time when the bomb went off. The idea is that when you come to the Memorial, you're trapped in that minute in the middle when so many lives were changed forever.

On the side of the pool opposite of the Field of Chairs, 2 kinds of trees were planted to represent and honor the rescue workers who worked so tirelessly the days and weeks following the bombing. Redbuds-Oklahoma's state tree- were planted for the rescue workers who were Oklahomans, and Amur Maple trees for the rescue workers who came from outside of Oklahoma.

One tree, now called the Survivor Tree, was burned in the explosion and had to be combed for evidence, yet survived and is now symbolic of the city's recovery after the tragedy.  The day we were there it was just beginning to form buds on it's branches.  

A portion of the chain link fence that surrounded the site for so long after the bombing has become a permanent part of the Memorial as well.  For a long period of time people would leave mementos on the fence as a memorial to the victims.  It is now an interactive part of the Memorial where visitors can leave something behind.

Moving on to the Memorial Museum, there are half walls at the entrance made up of tiles made by school children following the bombing, and there are chalkboard sections where visitors can write messages.

The Museum is extremely well done, beginning with the story of the events of the day.  At the beginning of the tour visitors enter a room where they listen to an actual recording of a hearing from the Water Resources Board that was in process in that very building (which is across from where the Murrah building was) at the time the explosion occurred.  It can be heard on the tape, along with the confusion following, and then the museum visitors enter the rest of the museum to walk through a timeline of that day and the days following, as well as events leading up to the attack.

"This clock, recovered from rubble of the Journal Record Building stopped at 9:02."

Many items from the building and surrounding areas are displayed, as well as some pieces of evidence that were processed.  Lots of videos and news footage clips help give a feeling of the eeriness and destruction of the day and the rescue and recovery efforts in the days to follow, as well of survivor accounts of the event.

There is also a beautiful tribute to the victims in the museum, including a photograph and name of each, along with some of their personal items that were special to them.

Finally, there is a fantastic interactive classroom where students are able to learn about the composition of structures and the architecture needed to make buildings strong.

Upon touring the Memorial and Museum, I was struck by the unparalleled compassionate human response from across the globe to this tragedy, the strength of character in the survivors, families of the victims, and rescue workers, and the beautiful picture of a community coming together to support one another in the midst of tragedy.

If you're interested in learning more information about the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum or planning a visit, click here.

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