March 2016 - Dimples and Tangles


The wildly popular HGTV show Fixer Upper wrapped up their third season earlier this week.  We didn't have cable until recently, so I didn't even know about the show until season 2 started when I started seeing buzz about it on Instagram, and then I was searching the internet to watch every back episode I could.

Although Joanna's style is different than mine, I tune in every week now because I appreciate her amazing talent and she and Chip are just so endearing and fun to watch, not to mention the fact that it's a rare show that our entire family enjoys watching together.

photo via Magnolia website

Season 3 did not disappoint in jaw dropping makeovers.  I went back through and chose just ONE thing from each episode that caught my eye (hard to do!) to share with you today.  You can view the full home tour by clicking on the link for each episode.

Episode 1- The Nut House
I really loved how Joanna made this landing special by giving it a library feel, complete with a rolling ladder!  And, how pretty is that railing?

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 2- The Brick House
The built-in bookcases flanking the fireplace provide the perfect focal point for the room.  The shelves on the left were original, but they built shelves on the right side as well to balance the wall, and added the custom designed doors.  The door design is repeated on a built in buffet/hutch in the dining room.

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

No contest, I think this is the best bathroom Joanna has ever done.  It doesn't hurt that almost every square inch is covered in some form of Carrara marble, but that arched nook (fully covered in marble tiles) is just breathtaking.

Episode 4- Magnolia House
The built-ins under the stairs are such a smart use of space.  I also love the modern stair rail and the wood corbels.

Hands down, my favorite space in this house is the craft room!  How cute is the paint sample artwork (that would be a SUPER easy DIY!)?

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 6- The Barndominium
The patterned black and white tile backsplash?  Bravo!  What a great window in the kitchen, too.

Episode 7- Paw Paw's House
If we were to ever build a cabin in the mountains, I'd want tree slice wall just like this one.

Episode 8- The School House
I absolutely loved the crisp, modern look of the tile in the foyer, as well as the chunky black woodwork in the cased opening that you can just see a peek of here.

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 9- The Chip 2.0 House
The exterior.  Sigh.  Absolute perfection.

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 10- The Peach House
A mudroom was carved out of this space just off the kitchen.  Love the built-ins there, and am hoping to do something similar in my laundry room one of these days.

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

More patterned tile.  Swoon.

I really enjoy the change up when Joanna leans toward the modern side of her design work, especially like this where it's mixed with just a hint of rustic touches. 

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

The giant bar/island.  I do appreciate a high bar top in an open concept design to help hide the mess in the kitchen. 

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 14- The Shotgun House
 I like the contrast of the natural wood trim on the windows, and it's interesting that they go all the way down to ground level.
photo credit Rachel Whyte and Jeff Jones via Magnolia website

Episode 15- The Baby Blue House
Again, the exterior.  It's darling and charming.  I actually had a hard time picking a favorite feature to share in this one, it's full of good stuff!

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 16- The Chicken House
The black and white tile backsplash and the green cabinets are both fun unexpected elements in this kitchen.

photo credit Rachel Whyte via Magnolia website

Episode 17- The Carriage House
I like how Joanna incorporated these old doors to add character and separate an office from the living space, while still giving an open feeling.

What was your favorite home this season?  Or do you even watch Fixer Upper?

 photo jennifersignaturetwo_zps56f3de87.png


Over Spring Break we took a quick road trip, just far enough to get out of town for a few days and stay in a hotel (my daughter's favorite thing).   One morning while the rest of the family was holed up in the hotel watching basketball and swimming, I headed to Ikea.  It was a win-win for everyone!

Although our nearest Ikea is 3 hours away, I manage to get there a few times per year, and have been often enough now to have a pretty good idea of the regular stock items they carry.  So, even if I don't have a trip planned, I can put out a plea to my friends who might be going to pick up what I need.

I thought I'd share a few things with you that I consider to be Ikea "staples"... what I purchase time and time again, what I'm glad I purchased, and things that I use in my home.  If you don't get to Ikea often, the store can be VERY overwhelming, and it's very easy to end up wandering around aimlessly caught up in a sea of choices in each department.  So, here's my Ikea Highlight reel...

Clockwise from top left:  1  / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8*
*Rug pictured is square and has a decorative border.  I prefer the 8x10 with no border, but it's not listed online ($99 indoor/outdoor).

Disclaimer:  These were phone pics and the lighting is bad, but they should give you an idea of what things look like on the shelf.   I did try to include the label in the photo so you could see the price, too.

This woven seagrass placemat is the perfect addition to almost any table.  Indoors or out, it adds texture and a nice layer under a pretty stack of plates, and looks good over a tablecloth, runner, or on a bare table.

Ikea Soare placemat, Fall Tablescape, Autumn Table Setting, brass candlesticks, scrabble tile letter place cards

The first time I saw these plates I exercised some willpower and didn't buy them.  Then I came to my senses and sent money with my sister to buy them when she was at Ikea a few months later. ;)  They are large, and can be used as a charger or the perfect plate for Thanksgiving a plate.

Ikea Tickar plate, DIY Pom Pom napkin ring, tablescape, place setting, schumacher nanjing fabric, blue willow plate

Ikea has the BEST prices on feather pillow inserts.  I wish they offered more sizes!  They have a 20x20 for $5.99, as well as a larger size and lumbar size.

Ikea Fjadrar feather pillow insert

Ikea Fjadrar feather pillow insert, jamil leopard pillow, chiang mai dragon pillow, spring home tour

Ikea also has the best prices on drapery panels, that are also amazing quality.  The fabric is always really nice.  The Ritva is a home bloggers' favorite and has a linen like look and texture.  The Lenda is a thicker, tan color with a slight ribbed texture.  The Merete is a true plain solid fabric that's a nice heavier weight.

I used a set of Lenda in my son's room after adding some stripes at the bottom and black-out lining to the back.

Ikea Lenda curtains, Ikea Lenda drapery panels

Last week I shared my look for less designer pom pom basket with you.  Here's the baskets I bought, and the bottom photo shows how the tops are folded in when they're stacked on the shelf.

Ikea Fladis basket, DIY pom pom basket

I've had several people trying to locate the basket near them and requesting the product information, here you go (9.99)!  Maybe I wasn't crazy when I thought I had just missed it before, and it IS a new item... one reader said they couldn't locate it in their system (I don't see it on the website, either).  If that's the case, keep checking back!

Ikea Fladis basket,  diy pom pom basket

A few more great storage baskets, the trunk style nice and sturdy and is a fantastic size for storing throw blankets or whatever.

A few favorite rugs... I own 2 of the black and white rugs pictured and they are on the patio.  The jute seems like a great natural fiber rug for a great price, the charcoal striped runner is so versatile, and the colored tassel runner is just fun (I think it's new)!

Ikea Lappljung Ruta rug, patio, outdoor living, black and white indoor outdoor rug

I bought 3 of these faux sheepskins one year (9.99 each) and they have been well worth the money.  I've used them across chair backs, over a bench, as a table runner, and even as my Christmas tree skirt.

Ikea faux sheepskin rug

Love, love, love these two electrical items.  The first is the best little $3 automatic nightlight.  The "Dimma" cord pictured on the right has a sliding dimmer switch on one end, so you plug your lamp into it and can automatically dim the bulb.  We used them in my son's room for the sconces flanking his bed, so the light was not overpowering at night.  I'm also using one on my marquee letter which can be VERY bright full blast, so it's nice to be able to dim those bulbs.

Ikea dimma switch

I think I bought this scarf hanger on my very first trip to Ikea several years ago, and it's been one my hardest working purchases ever!

With a diameter that just about 2 feet across, this clock is substantial and perfect for standing on it's own.

Of course, I had to doctor mine up a bit by changing the silver rim to gold.

Christmas kitchen decor, Ikea Bravur clock, World Market Lotus pendant light

The popular Ribba frame comes in a variety of colors and sizes, and the mat is included.

I have bought so many of these Borrby lanterns.  They are nice to have on hand for a small gift or to tuck in with a wedding gift or birthday present.

Lastly, I ALWAYS leave Ikea with a fresh plant of some sort.  They have a fairly good selection and if they have something you like, the price can't be beat.

bookshelf styling, how to style shelves, lanterns, Reader's Digest books, silhouettes

I still have lots more favorites from Ikea, those will be for another day!  Are you a lucky duck that has an Ikea in your town?  Are you a reader who has NEVER been to Ikea?  If you frequent the store, what is YOUR favorite find?



Three cheers for Friday!  This week has been much busier than normal but I'm so glad to be wrapping it up sharing my Spring Home Tour with you today.  If you're visiting from No Minimalist Here, welcome and thanks for coming over!  Sherry's tour was full of such pretty accessories... all of that blue and white!!  For all of my regular readers, I'm glad you're here too.  ;)  Many thanks to our sweet hostess Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for organizing this giant group of 30 tours this week...quite the feat!

This year, I didn't do a lot of specific Spring-y seasonal decor.  Spring decorating for me this time meant freshening up what I have, moving things around, and adding in some pretty fresh flowers.  And of course, doing all of that with a healthy dose of color! 

It's not quite time to add fresh greenery to the porch, so we'll begin our tour in the Entry today.  This is always a good spot to give a little nod to whatever season it is.  

I piled up some blue and white pieces, plants and flowers, and added an old birdcage.  I didn't want to fill it with the usual candles or decorative balls, so I stuck my smaller girl statue inside.  Other than looking a little bit like she's in jail, I like the unexpected touch.  :)  I also added in a cloche topping a blue willow saucer filled with hand painted eggs that we brought back from a trip to Poland.  

Moving into the living room, I added some new leopard pillows to the sofa and didn't need much more than tulips to say "Spring!"   

These darling bunnies were made by my mother in law with vintage hankies, and the green pedestal plate was a gift from my sweet friend when we went to London.

And remember the DIY pom pom basket I shared the other day?  They also had this style, which is larger, and a fun woven color combo.  I couldn't resist adding some poms to it, too, and it's holding throw blankets for the chilly evenings we're still having. 

The other pom basket ended up here, holding a plant for now.  It also makes a great tote bag, though!  I'm glad I got two of this style, I think they're going to come in really handy as well as being just too cute.  

The curbside dresser that I picked up last year holds a simple vignette.  A real swallow's nest (at least I think it's from a swallow) that I actually picked up from a yard sale one year while vacationing in Angel Fire NM is under the dome.

This post is so photo heavy I needed to truncate, please click over for the rest of the tour!
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