April 2014 - Dimples and Tangles


Most of the time I make my own draperies, but for Caleb's room it sure was nice to pick up a ready made pair at Ikea for next to nothing!  I chose the Lenda, two panels that are a really nice weight for just $19.99!  However, the 98" length was a little too short.  They come in a longer length but I knew I wanted to add some detail to them anyway so I saved about $10 by getting this length.

I planned to add some stripes at the bottom, and wanted them to be more incorporated than just adding a piece of fabric to the bottom of the panel, so I did some cutting and piecing together.  I was going to give measurements for what I did, but since everyone's would be different I'll just give you the basic idea.

First, I wanted to use ring clips instead of the tabs at the top, so with some sharp scissors I just cut those off very close to the seam.  Then, I decided where I wanted the bottom stripe to start, (my bottom stripe is about 3 1/2 inches up from the bottom hem), and while adding about 1/2" for a seam allowance, cut my panel all the way across there.  Then, I used some black fabric to make a wide stripe (mine was 7" finished) and sewed it to the top section of the panel, then to the bottom section.  So, now I had one panel again with a wide black stripe at the bottom.  Be sure to press both seams open for a professional look!

For the thinner stripe I sewed a piece of grosgrain ribbon on.

Now, this window faces the east, so it gets bright very early in the morning.  Even though we have blinds on the window, I wanted to add some blackout lining to the panels.  I had some old panels that I wasn't using anymore, so to save some money I removed the blackout lining from them and sewed them right to the back of the new panels.  I didn't do right sides together and turn them inside out like normal, I just sewed it right to the back as close to the edge of the lining as I could.   My goal was to stitch right on top of the stitch lines that were already there.  Along some edges I ended up with a double row of stitching, but I think it looks fine.

So, with a few adjustments and using what I had, I have a custom pair of blackout panels for under $25!

Now, to hang them.  I bought a plain Hobby Lobby curtain rod a while back when I actually made the curtains (this room has been underway for over a year!), but as we worked on the wood wall I wanted a more masculine look.  I started seeing industrial gavanized pipe curtain rods all over blogs, and I knew that would be a perfect choice!

I'm not giving my own tutorial, since I followed Cassie's (Hi Sugarplum) excellent tutorial and it was super easy!  My only piece of advice (that I finally figured out after my third store) is that your pipe needs to be from the PLUMBING department, not the ELECTRICAL department! I thought the employees didn't understand what I wanted when no one could help me cut and re-thread a 1 1/2" electrical pipe.  Duh...can't be done!  A 1 1/2" electrical (conduit) pipe is NOT the same as a 1 1/2" plumbing pipe, even though they both look the same!

My original rod was cheaper, all of the parts for this one came in at around $35 for me.  However, it's so much sturdier, and WAY cooler looking!

Now his room is like a cave when the curtains are all closed up...I think I want to move in!

One step closer to this room being done, and I actually think I'm going to be able to show you the reveal next week.  For now, here's one final sneak peek!

Edited:  Click here to see this completed room!

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This is most certainly primarily a decorating/DIY blog, but as a parent when I come across something I think you might like too, I love to share it!

Fifth grade is a big year in our school system.  It's the last year of Elementary School, and the year when students participate in their first "Growth and Development" class.  Our school system does a very good job in the presentation of the materials, but we definitely don't want that to be the first time that our kids are exposed to those topics.  So, ready or not, near the end of 5th grade has been the time for us to have "the talk" with our kids.

I'm not going to go into a lot of details, but I did want to share a resource that was very helpful to us.  It's a Christian-based cd/workbook program called Passport to Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.  It focuses on God's plan for their lives as they strive to keep Him first and is designed to help parents in discussing love, sex, and relationships with their child as they enter adolescence.  The sessions start gently with subjects such as not "running with the herd" and addressing friends and peer pressure.  I also really like that there are separate CDs specifically for boys and girls for the sex session, so those focus specifically on things that need to be addressed for each gender.

One thing that the materials encourage is taking time for a special getaway with your child.  We chose a destination about 3 hours away...just enough time in the car with your captive audience for some open and honest discussion time.

This program includes multiple sessions, but this time we only did a few of the sessions that covered just the basics.  As our children get closer to moving into dating we will continue the rest of the sessions then.  Also, you can sort-of customize this plan into how you want to use it.  We strictly used the cds as a starting point for our discussion, listening while our child filled in blanks in their listening guide, and stopping the cd for further discussions when needed.  There are also suggested projects and activities that correlate with each session, but we didn't use those.  As parents we listened to all of the material before hand and were prepared to pick and choose what we wanted to focus on.

My husband took our son two years ago, and this past weekend, it was my turn (EEK!).  Our girls' getaway was tailored to doing some of my daughter's favorite things...she's not a shopper, although we did spend a little time choosing some new Spring outfits. We also chose a few of her favorite restaurants and treats, spent time playing mini-golf and arcade games, and enjoyed lounging at a hotel.

At the end of our getaway she received a special necklace as a memento of our weekend, and reminder of how much we love her and want her to know God's best plan for her life.

Here's a post that I came across last night as I was writing this one.  It has more info. about Passport to Purity and some great tips if you think this material might be for you.

OK, I hope that's a helpful resource for someone!  Tomorrow, back to decorating...I promise!

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Thank goodness it's Friday!  And, since it's the last Friday of the month, it's time to show off your best project from April!

I think my favorite post from April was my Easter Tablescape in the Dining Room.

My co-hosts were all hard at work this past month on their rooms for the One Room Challenge that they are participating in...completely transforming a room in 6 weeks!  Somehow, they managed to get some other projects accomplished as well.  Here's what they've been up to:

Kris has added her gorgeous Dining Room to her House Tour:

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor

Lisa has some crazy good DIY woodworking skills, and pieced a ready-made shelf with a few new parts to make a custom slim vanity for her daughter's room.

Lisa @ Shine your Light 
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Pam showed us how she painted her stone tile as part of her kitchen update.

Pam @ Simple Details
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So, we want to know...what have you been up to this month?  Link up your best project from April! You only need to link up on one blog, and your post will show up on all four blogs.  And don't forget, even if you aren't a blogger you can still participate.  Just post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag at least one of the hosts and use the hashtag #bestofthenestparty (note...we altered the hashtag just a bit from last month).

There are just a few guidelines to remember...
*Link to your specific post, not your home page.
*Please make sure that your project is from THIS month (April).
*Only ONE link per person!
*Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.  Only those with a link will be considered for a feature!  You may include a text link or use the button below.
*Spread some comment love - please visit and comment on at least two other links in the                    party.

We'll be around to visit you and choose a few of our favorites to feature next Friday, so we'd love for you to stop back by.  Can't wait to see what you have to share.  Have a great weekend friends!

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We visited Kansas City for a few days over our Spring Break last month.  I've been once before and was excited to get back to visit this fun town!  I had one stop that I knew I must make no matter what... Nell Hill's.  So, I dropped everyone else in the family off at the World War I Museum (which they said was fantastic!) and headed off for a few hours of uninterrupted shopping time.  Want to take a little tour with me?

My first visit to Nell Hill's was 5 years ago so I knew what wonderful eye candy was in store, and I think it was even better this time!  Since I'm hoping to start my bedroom makeover soon, I couldn't get enough of all of the beautiful beds they had made up.  Although the photo is not the best, this one was my favorite.  I've loved the Xu Garden lattice fabric for a long time, and here it is in shams and a duvet cover!  Don't be surprised if the fabric shows up somewhere in my bedroom. #hinthint

The colors and fabric combos were right up my alley.  Even though I have a solid plan for my bedroom, I was so tempted to change my mind with each new display that I saw!  These two were also favorites...

This was right inside the front entry.

This living room set up was fab-u-lous!  Those wing chairs were extra tall and just what I've been scouring CL for to use in my bedroom.  And the color combo... black and white?  Yes please!  The upholstered chaise on the right was on the left side of the room.  How about that fabulous color blocked black stripe down the middle, not to mention the houndstooth pillows.

More pretty rooms...

The dining room on the left was SO cozy feeling.  There's a close-up of that amazing gold accordion-arm chandelier a little further down.  All of the table settings gave me loads of inspiration!  Now if I just had more cabinet space to hold such fun dishes...

The accessories were so, so good.  That blue and white jar with the brass lid?  Divine!  It was a nice, large size, but the $400+ price tag made me happy to just take a photo of it.

Lastly, they have a huge section of all the best fabrics!  This area has really expanded since the last time I was there and I spent a great deal of my time wandering back and forth multiple times taking everything in.  There's the leopard that everyone in the blog world is crazy about (Natural Jamil), and what I really like is that they have samples ready with a sticker on the back labeling the name and price.  Easy!

One thing I noticed in the store- all of the trends were everything I'm seeing on all of the beautiful home blogs.  Bright colors, TONS of blue and white, gold and metallics, beautiful neutral furniture pieces, and plenty of graphic, geometric, and abstract fabrics.

As much as I wanted to purchase something, I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without on this trip.  There was some fabric that I wish I would have bought, but maybe my friend that is there often (Hi Carol! :) can pick some up for me.  I did leave with LOADS of inspiration for future projects, one especially that I'll share with you next week!

Do you have a home decor store that you could just get lost in?

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Hey friends!  I hope you all had a glorious Easter weekend.  Ours was full of lots of food, family, church fellowship, and fun!  We stayed busy so I'm just sharing a quick project today.

Last week we had a rare Oklahoma day where not only was the weather gorgeous, but there was no wind.  So, my spray painting fingers were itching to do some work!

I've had my eye on this guy for a while.  He was kind-of a dirty white, and I either wanted to make him brighter or try a bold color (like this cute one!).  I sent a little teaser out to my IG friends, and if you've read my blog for two seconds you can probably guess which choice won out.

I've posted about how to spray paint ceramics in the past, so today I'll just show you the results.  I will say that this time I didn't use a spray primer.  I used Rustoleum's Glossy Enamel spray paint which is pretty sturdy stuff, so I'll see how this one holds up.

When painting something with lots of curves and nooks and crannies, I like to turn it upside down first to make sure I'm getting all of the underneath spots good.

Once again, the paint was Rustoleum spray enamel in Navy gloss.  I was a little nervous with the first coat or two...it sure was looking turquoise!

But, after about 4-5 light coats things were looking up.  So I flipped it over and finished the top side.

I used a few coats of a spray glossy acrylic sealer (from Hobby Lobby) on top for a little more shine and added protection.

I really love this color.  It plays nicely with the striped rug in the entry.

Do you have something that could use a shot of color?  I also painted some other super fun things, so stayed tuned to see those in the near future!

Just a reminder, on Friday it's time for our Best of the Nest link party again!  Get ready to link up your best project from April, we want to see what you've been up to!

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This year we'll be hosting my family at our house for Easter, so I spent yesterday setting the tables so they would be all ready to go.  For the most part, I use what I have without buying anything special, so it's always a challenge to come up with something new!

In the dining room, I wanted a fancy garden feel.

I started with the large birdcage that I found at Goodwill several years ago and built around it.  I love this birdcage,  and wish that the bottom totally opened up so I could fill it with larger things or plants, but there's one tiny door that I was able to squeeze some candles through.  This look could easily be copied with any type of birdcage, or even a grouping of several smaller ones.

As I started pulling other things to use, I thought a few blue and white pots would add a nice bit of color for the otherwise neutral setting.  I picked up the succulents at Ikea a few weeks ago.

 I also ended up with some shine and mixed metals, and some added texture with the woven placemats and bird nests.

I used this tutorial for the cute bunny napkins!  Once I figured the first one out the rest were easy.  I did have trouble getting them to stay together on their own, so there is one pin in the back to secure the shape.

In the kitchen, I used more color.

I started with stacking a Bordallo platter and cake stand for the centerpiece and filling it with nests, spanish moss and eggs.  Couldn't be easier and you could use any kind of platter and stand for this, or even stack several cake stands together.  I just didn't have two green ones, so I used the platter for the base.  I've picked up all of my Bordallo at Ross or TJ Maxx over the years, and the cake plate was a gift from Ray's Mom, but I believe it came from Tuesday Morning.

I had these turquoise plates in the garage sale pile, but had to pull them back in.  I always love this color for Easter!

The napkins are paper from Ikea, and I used more die cut flowers for the place cards.

I've had the artichoke candleholders for several years, they came from Hobby Lobby.

So since the tables are done, now I'm off to clean house, grocery shop, cook, and finish up a project or two!  Our kids are out of school tomorrow, so I'll see you Monday.  Easter blessings to you!

P.S.:  Just as I was wrapping up this post today, I read this.  As we celebrate Easter this weekend, this really gets down to the heart of the matter.  It challenged and encouraged me, and I hope it does you as well!

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