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Hi friends, Happy Friday!  I hope you all had an enjoyable Thanksgiving...I don't think I need to eat for a few days!  While driving home from my parents' last night early in the evening, I was very discouraged...sad...upset... to see every parking place at Super Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, Toys R Us, and Wal-Mart full.  I'm so opposed to Black Friday sales starting earlier and earlier on Thanksgiving.  I feel so sorry for those employees who have to report even hours earlier than the store opens, missing the holiday with their families.  I realize that a handful of people might be happy to work on holidays, but can't we even take one day off to count our blessings and not focus on what we can buy/get/save $ on next?  I just think we're on a very slippery slope.

OK, rant over, but today, as stores and malls are being swarmed, I'll encourage you to shop small this season and support small businesses.  Tomorrow is officially Small Business Saturday, and today I'll share with you several of my favorite small businesses and business owners.

First up, we hit the jackpot with our neighbors.  Our kids are fast friends, and have a blast playing together.  Greg is a true picker, hunter, and craftsman who sells his incredible finds at Broadway Antiques & Market in downtown Edmond.  His store is called The Barn Market, very appropriate considering all of the old barns he scours all over this part of the country to find reclaimed wood, posts, hardware, and generally just really cool stuff!  If you like his FB page, you'll get to see all of the treasures he's bringing in the shop, but I took a little tour with my camera last week and thought I'd share with you.

Occasionally he finds these incredible old sleighs...they don't last long in the shop!

He makes gorgeous, quality, handcrafted furniture from all reclaimed items.  Harvest tables are his specialty,

but he thinks up other great furniture pieces like this bench made from an old door...perfect for a mudroom!

In the corner of that photo you can see a bit of a santa and toy sack, and here are the reindeer that go with him.  They are wood cutouts from an old Sears store.  They are huge and amazing.  I really wanted to find a spot for one of those deer, but they are all sold as a set, as they should be.

Often Greg is able to make custom pieces to fit your needs.  Visit The Barn Market or Facebook'll like what you see!

Another favorite local shopping spot is The Rink Gallery.  My parents have had a booth there since it opened, and I love walking around and taking everything in.  You never know what you'll see there!  If you go, be sure to check out their booth.  It's called Bree's (the grandchildren's name for my Mom) and it's straight down the middle near the back with a meticulously painted brick floor (my Dad did that).  I wrote a post about it here if you want to see more.

Need some suggestions for online shopping?  These small businesses-and the ladies who run them- are awesome!

Etsy is a fabulous resource is you're looking for a unique vintage or handmade gift.  Here are a few a few of my blogging pals that have shops...check them out!

Dimples and Tangles

If you're local (OKC) and you need a great photographer, I've got two talented ladies to recommend:

Or if you're lucky enough to live in Miami, hire Gail!

Happy shopping and I hope you have a great weekend!  Now I can officially work on my Christmas decorations without feeling guilty that it's before Thanksgiving!

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I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgivings!  And today, I'm so thankful for YOU, my sweet readers!  Thank you for faithfully following along and for all of your encouraging words.  Enjoy your time with family and friends today!

"It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Your name, O Most High; to declare Your lovingkindness in the morning and Your faithfulness by night."  -Psalm 92:1-2 

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I know I told you I'd be back this week with a Thanksgiving tablescape, but my grand plans for doing that over the weekend didn't pan out.  I never, ever decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but we started dragging things out over the weekend.  And, it's still a mess!  However, if you need a few tips on how to set a beautiful table, go check out my newest post at Word Slingers here.

Since I'll be setting the table at my Mom and Dad's house on Wednesday, I'll skip on over and share another dollar store craft with you today.

After I came home with a handful of trays and made my chalkboard garland, a lightbulb went off in my head and I remembered seeing this pin from a Show Home a little while back.

Hammers & High Heels

I fell in love with it, but thought it would take forever to round up that many thrifted silver trays to make my own.  Then, I realized that I could use the trays from Dollar Tree!

I knew right away that I wanted my wreath to be a big statement over the mantle this year.  So, using the peacock mirror that normally hangs up there as a guide to get the circle right, I laid out the bottom layer of trays (there were 8), just eyeballing to space them evenly.

Then, I alternated the rectangle and oval trays in a layer on top of the circles to give some variety.  I applied hot glue to the edges of the trays underneath that would be covered up, and then stuck a tray on top between them.

Lastly, I added 6 more round trays in the center, scooting them closer to the center and hot-gluing them to the edges of the layer underneath.

I carefully flipped the entire thing over (if it bends too much when you're handling it the spots with the glue will pop loose).  Then, I squirted more hot glue at all of the meeting points to make everything more secure.

After working through another one with my Dad, we decided that it probably would have been better to make a big cardboard form-like a donut-to use as the base and glue the bottom layer to that.  It would be more secure.  Mine is working out fine as is, so that's just another option if you want to try this out.  We also thought something like Liquid Nails might hold together better, but the hot glue was fine too.  *Update- mine came apart pretty easily after Christmas when storing.  It's not a big deal to glue it back together, but I'll definitely be attaching it to a cardboard ring this time.

To hang it, I used a piece of jute rope and hot glued the ends down, then glued a piece of ribbon over that to make sure it wouldn't come loose.  The wreath really isn't very heavy and this has worked out great.

The size ended up being around 45" in diameter, so not bad for $22 and some hot glue!

To top everything off, I got a wild hair and could envision this thing glowing at night.  So, I used some Frog Tape to secure a 100 ct. string of lights to the back.

The lights aren't quite as bright as I would have liked, but it is a soft, warm glow at night.

I've played around with 4-5 different bows, ultimately not liking any of them.  I'm enjoying it as-is for now, but have a few ideas to dress it up a little bit more when I decorate my mantle (DIY gold painted vases found here).

Here it is all finished up for Christmas:

I have one more metal tray project to show you next week, unless I think of something else to use these for between now and then!

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Winter hit Oklahoma with a bang last night!  When I watched the evening news, it was 70 degrees in the SW part of the state, and the windchill was 8 in the NW part.  Like our weatherman said...Welcome to the Sooner State!

As we are all preparing for Thanksgiving, for my Friday Favorites this week I thought I'd give you some ideas for your table . Here are a few that caught my eye:


If you're a newer reader of my blog, here are some Fall/Thanksgiving Tablescapes that I've done in the past.  I hope you get a few ideas that will work for you!

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And, I have some exciting news...

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I'm privileged to be included with this extremely talented group of ladies to share my Christmas Home Tour.  And, at the end of the series you can link your home up too!  Many, many thanks to Jenny at Evolution of Style for setting this up.  I can't wait to visit these homes for the Holidays!

On Monday, I'll show you my Thanksgiving tablescape for this year.  Even though we're not hosting, I still want to play!  Have a great weekend friends...stay warm!

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I rarely wander around Dollar Tree without looking for the specific things on my list, but last week I found myself meandering through trying to think creatively about the products I was seeing.

The heavens parted when I saw some silver trays, and was surprised when I picked one up that they were actually metal (I expected them to be plastic).  Well, the wheels started spinning, and here's what I came up with!

This is one of the easiest projects ever!  I simply painted the center with chalkboard paint.  By the way, chalkboard paint and chalk paint are not the same thing.  This is what you want and it can be found at most hardware stores-I pick mine up at Home Depot.

Then, I used hot glue and some jute twine to string them together.  You could make a fancier look by using fancier ribbon, whatever you like!

I'm envisioning my kids holding this up in front of the tree for the obligatory "Christmas Morning with the Year" photo, but the options of how you could use it are endless!

I added ribbon bows as an embellishment, but you could add sprigs of greenery, jewels around the edges, lace, tassels or balloons in between...whatever!  I had fun playing around with lots of ideas that I can use this garland for through the year...

Chalkboard paint even comes in some different colors now.  How cute would this be with red or green chalkboard paint instead of black?

It's hard to tell but the trays are about the size of a dinner plate.  They came in three shapes-the circle, a rectangle, and an oval-so any of them would make a cute garland.  You can also decide for yourself how many trays you want on your garland, I chose 5.   In the days ahead I'll show you two more projects that I used these for.

So, I believe this might be the perfect project for $5 and some leftover paint and ribbon.  What would you write on yours?

P.S. I have a feeling that these might be a seasonal item, they were with the Thanksgiving and Christmas things, so you might want to snatch some up soon!

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