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Moen Boardwalk Faucet

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Moen, Incorporated for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Does your bathroom need a facelift?  Even if you don't have the time, skills, or money for a complete overhaul, sometimes even one simple change can make a world of difference.  Recently the kind folks at Moen offered for me to review one of their faucets from the "Boardwalk" line.  Well, after taking a look at this beauty, it took about two seconds for me to say "Yes, please!".
The Boardwalk faucet is available in the traditional two handle version, or this single handle faucet.  I much prefer single handles in the bathroom.  They seem to make it easier to get just the right temperature, and they are easier to clean!
We took some time a few days ago to install the faucet in my sister's master bathroom.  She's been a homeowner for a little over a year, and she and her new husband have been working hard to update the home and make it their own.  They've completely gutted and redone the shower and toilet area, and put new tile on the floor, but the vanity is patiently waiting it's turn for an overhaul.
The new brothers-in-law worked together to install the faucet.  One of them could have easily done it himself, but nothing is better than a project for a little brother bonding time!
Here's what we started with:
A standard cheapie faucet that's seen better days, and completely lacking any style.
After shutting off the water line to the faucet, the guys worked to remove the old one.  That's always the hardest part!  Then, they used this handle tool that was included with the faucet
and some plumber's putty to easily install the new drain plug.
They both commented on how great that little hand tool was for working in the tight space under the sink.
Then, they slipped the new faucet housing in place.  Since the old faucet required 3 holes, we used the deckplate that came with the new faucet to cover those up.
 They were able to easily follow the step-by-step photo instructions to install the faucet, but there is a handy customer service help line available also if any problems had come up.
After the guys finished the installation, my sister and I got to do the fun part...style it all up.

Truly, ONE simple change made a huge difference in this space!
One bonus feature of this faucet that is SO nice is the Spot Resist Brushed Nickel finish.  Even a few spots can make your faucet look dirty, but this feature helps keep your faucet clean and sparkly looking!  Oh, and those pesky fingerprints?  Yep!  It repels those too!   Finally, it helps those of us who try to be more responsible with our planet's resources by being compliant with the WaterSense EPA criteria, saving an average of 1,600 gallons per year while maintaining a strong, steady flow.
Here are some things that the guys especially appreciated about the Moen faucet:
-Everything came already mostly assembled.  Really, all they had to do was drop each piece in place and install.
-The instructions were all photos and SUPER detailed and easy to follow.
-All of the parts fit well together where they were supposed to.
-It only took about 45 minutes from start to finish to complete the install.
This beautiful faucet and the entire Moen Boardwalk line-including bath and shower faucets, toilet paper holders, and towel bars just to name a few things- are readiliy available at Lowes.  It's also comforting to know that Moen offers a lifetime limited warranty  on their products.
I'd like to thank Moen for providing me with this beautiful faucet, but all words and opinions written here are mine.
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I don't know about you, but I think I'm really going to like this periodic "Just One Thing" series.  It's encouraging me to go ahead and do some of those quick and easy projects that I just haven't taken the few minutes needed to knock them out.

Almost a year ago when I painted the chalkboard wall in the kitchen, I added a little file holder to the wall, intending to make that area into a "kitchen command center" for all of those important reminders and such that float in every day.  I'm finally getting around to finishing that space off, which I'll show you soon, but my filing spot needed a dose of personality.  I had some cute folders, but they didn't really go with the space, so I took the 10 minutes needed and fancied them up.  This is almost too easy to even write a post about, but I though it might spark your creativity!

Here's all you'll need:  file folders, scrapbook paper, and a glue stick

I simply traced the front of each folder onto the patterned paper, glued along the edges, and stuck it down.  This project was making me wish I had a bottle of rubber cement...I used to use that all the time when I was teaching and it would have been perfect for this.  I've got to pick up another bottle!

Don't forget to cut a piece to cover the tab also.  I just cut a small piece, not much shows when the folder is closed.  

That's it!

I did finish mine off with a few address labels that I stuck on and wrote categories on.

10 minutes - customized file folders - Just One Thing to make organizing more cute and fun.  I need every bit of encouragement to stay organized that I can get!

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Hey there!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  We celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday.  Yes, that cake was shining bright!

I told you a little about my Dad earlier, remember the glimpses of his garage?

The family had a great time partying together, and my sisters got a big kick out of this photo, since it looks like the wheat is shooting out of my head.  I told them it was just my crown.  :)

We spent some time at my sister's house on Saturday, and I had to share this photo of Emily.  My exposure was messed up but we thought it was funny...she's already ready for Halloween!

For those of you who are local, I wanted to share a fun shopping opportunity with you that will happen this weekend.  On Saturday, Nov. 2, there will be an India Jewelry Sale held at our church.  This sale is held to validate the business platform of a missionary family living in India.  Exporting the jewelry provides them with their business visa and gives them an identity in the community.  All profits from the sale go to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

 I've been to this sale in the past and am so impressed with the huge selection and variety offered.  Pieces are priced between $2-$12, so you can get lots of Christmas shopping done!  These are a few samples of what will be available, but you can see more on the India Jewelry Sale Facebook page.  The sale will be on Saturday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. at Quail Springs Baptist Church, 14613 N. May Avenue, OKC, 73134.  (Enter on the North side at the archway, Cash or Check only.)

I'll be stopping by, I hope to see you there!

Finally, I normally don't post on the weekend, but Saturday was my day to share my Modern and Fresh Fall home tour.  If you missed it you can catch it here.

We had a few outtakes from the photos...

Happy Monday everybody!

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Hello, and Welcome!  If you're new here visiting for the tour, I'm so glad you're here!  I was so thrilled to be asked to participate in the Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tour by my blog buddy Lindsay from The White Buffalo Styling Company and Kristen from KFD Designs.  I will say it was a bit intimidating once I saw the list of amazing bloggers that were taking part.  I have so enjoyed all of the tours this month! 

I thought my turn to share would never get here!  This year, as I thought about "Modern and Fresh" decorations, my theme was mixed metals, natural elements, and a surprise pop of color here and there.  So, come on in and take a look around!  

I kept the porch SO simple.  My ferns were still going strong, so I just added some mums, lanterns, and pumpkins that I didn't paint, dip, stripe, glitter, monogram, stud, or carve. How's that for Modern and Fresh?  :)

In the entry I kept my made over thrifted lamps and added lots of metals and textures.  I borrowed the feather art idea from my friend Kim and layered that with the mirror over the dresser.

The mantel (see more here) got a big dose of unexpected green on some old shutters, along with more texture and mixed metals. Oh, and a disco ball. A disco ball is always good.

The built-ins didn't get much of a change, but some things that are always there naturally lend themselves to Fall...the lanterns, feather lamp, owl, and wood piece.

Anything looks better under a glass dome, right?  I love this little turtle shell that a dear friend gave me for my birthday one year.

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest to do a big vase full of sticks, and isn't that vintage plaid thermos just so fun?

On the blue dresser I switched out the white lamps for my favorite pinecone pair and added the best decor of all...things I found outside!

My green china cabinet likes to show off in the dining room.  You might have already seen an Early Fall Tablescape that I did a few weeks ago,

but for everyday I keep a few simple items on the table.  A faux Ikea sheepskin rug makes do for a runner, and I loaded up an old dough bowl with giant pine cones and pheasant plumage that my sweet neighbor gave me.  That may not be your thing, and I didn't think it was mine, but those feathers are just SO colorful and gorgeous-it was perfect to add to the mix!

In the kitchen, this guy wrapped up in a scarf to keep him warm, and the chalkboard wall got a simple new design.

For the table in the kitchen, I just got out some of my favorite things and piled them on.  This table is layered up...a plaid blanket, a burlap chevron runner, seagrass placemats, pizza peel, a wooden bowl, squash, and cattails!

Want to come over for dinner?

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