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Happy Friday everyone!  It's toilet and shower day here... woo hoo!  The plumber is coming to install the shower fixtures and a new toilet in the kids' bath, Emily is so excited to not be sharing with us anymore!  :)  Then, we're spending the weekend painting all the things in there- ceiling, walls, trim, doors... everything.  I got it started last night and finished enough behind the toilet so we wouldn't have to work around that, and we're loving the fresh bright white on the walls.  The new countertop and faucets will be our last big piece, but after all the painting I can start on the fun stuff- accessories!  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend full of doing fun things (and maybe knocking off some things from your to-do list!), I've got some good things to share with you today.   (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

I shared this new Williams Sonoma + Schumacher collection with you a while back, but the Chiang Mai Dragon Glasses just went on sale.   They're still expensive and impractical (hand wash) but oh so special and beautiful!  I'm certain my morning orange juice would taste better in one of these!  ;)

Speaking of our favorite dragon fabric,  this is a nice look for less alternative!  A lot less... I love the bold colorway of this dragon fabric and at $13 per yard, it won't break the bank if you can't quite stomach the price tag of the designer alternativeHere it is in a gold colorway as well, this would be super fun for Fall!

Last week I shared some Halloween decorating ideas, and added these hot pink taper candles into my black and white tablescape mix.  I had been looking for some locally forever but finally found a great deal online, available in 3 different sizes.  And, they're dripless!

Have you heard of Honey?  It's an free online savings program that automatically searches the web for available coupons and discounts when you have your cart ready to checkout at various online retailers.  When you join, you install an icon onto your browser toolbar, and then when you go to your cart to check out, a message from Honey will automatically pop up and offer to search for coupons if you're shopping at a participating retailer.  I used to spend so much time searching for coupon codes, and then they would rarely be valid when I tried them.  Now Honey finds a working code about 90% of the time for me.  I recently saved over $100 with it on new lights for the Master Bath! I've actually been surprised at some of the obscure online sites it has worked with too, as well as large sites like Amazon- it will help you find the best price on the item you're looking at.  It truly couldn't be easier to use once you get it set up. You can also earn "Honey Gold" reward points as you spend and redeem those for gift cards- but I just consider that a bonus to the savings!  Here's my referral code if you want to check it out.

Extra 40% off all sale at Anthropologie-  I spent some time in the sale section and picked out some of my favorites to share with you, concentrating on things that will transition well into Fall.  There's a darling caftan in blue or red, and I love a good pair of Tretorns- there are several on sale!  The hot pink blouse, mustard lace blouse, and leopard high top sneakers are on their way to me!  :)

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Work in the kids' Jack and Jill bathroom is moving along well!  It's been nice that we're kind of doing this at our own pace, plugging along as we're able and don't have to work furiously to meet a  deadline like I have on several of our other makeovers.  That being said, a deadline does help me get it done, so I'm trying to stay on it and not let this drag on and on.  I've been finalizing lots of selections and still shopping for a few things, but here's where we are so far.  (*This post contains affiliate links, read my full disclosure policy here.)

First of all, tile demo happened! 

No turning back now!  :)

Simultaneously, I've been sampling paint.  The walls are are getting fresh white paint.  The lighting is bad here but these are two slightly different whites- Behr White on top and Behr Frost on bottom.  They are both virtually the same, I'd say that White is just a tad bit warmer, but still a true white with no noticeable undertones.  It's actually the same color that I used in our Office, so I'll probably go with it just to keep things easy logistically (easy to remember they're all the same white!).

I'm partnering with D Lawless Hardware for the cabinet hardware in the bathroom, but am also replacing the door hinges that had been painted over through the years.  Here's your fun fact for the day...  when ordering hinges online there a so many sizes and different kinds.  I found the correct size I needed and was confident they were the right ones, except for the part of the description that said '5/8" radius.'  I had no idea what that meant but knew I better find out, so I googled it.  Come to find out, it was talking about the corners!  Door hinge corners might be squared off or rounded.  If they're rounded, it is either a small curve (1/4" radius) or a larger curve (5/8" radius).  To determine easily, a dime would fit in the curve if it's 1/4", and a quarter fits in a 5/8" radius curve.  So, I did the coin test and I had the right ones with a 5/8" radius!  Probably more than you wanted to know about hinges but maybe you learned something today!  ;)

Moving on to tile...  I wanted a straightforward, oversized subway tile.  After shopping I was  considering either 4x8" or 4x10".  I cut some samples out of paper and taped them up (I'm a visual person!).  Honestly, I didn't think there was a huge difference between the two, but the 4x10" was actually a bit less expensive, and bigger pieces would mean slightly less material and quicker installation. 

At the same time, I was finalizing my floor tile selection.  I had originally planned on getting a smaller scale black and white vintage styled hex tile (like penny tile size), but I had also admired images using the slightly larger scale hex tiles as well.  While shopping, the larger scale was significantly less expensive so I decided to bring some home and see what it looked like laid out.  The only thing was that I had to buy plain white sheets and some plain black sheets and pop out some of the white ones to make our own design with the black. (The smaller scale came with the black/white mix already done, we had to design our own pattern with the larger... fine by me!)

I always had the black and white pattern in mind, but when I threw the plain white sheets on the ground it threw me for a loop for a minute, I really liked it!  So I laid out some of both and pondered for a day or two. 

And even though the all white floor tempted me, I bet you can guess what I decided on!  Here are the final selections- 4x10" tile and black and white 2" hex tile.

Here's a sample of the vanity color- Behr Mondrian Blue.  It looks darker in here than it does outside or in the rest of the house where there is more natural light.  I wanted a cobalt color, not navy, so I chose a pretty bright blue knowing it would read darker in this room.  And there you can see a little hint of what it will look like with the new floor!

On Labor Day I labored and got the drawers and cabinets all prepped for paint.  Painting tip: I was only painting the drawer fronts rather than the entire drawer.  To quickly protect the rest of the drawer from overspray, I used a big garbage bag, slipped the drawer part down into it, and taped the opening closed all the way around the back of the drawer front.

Since the bathroom was torn up I decided to go ahead and spray the base cabinet as well.  I love my Homeright sprayer but have never used it indoors- figured I didn't have to worry too much about any overspray so I taped off all of the doorways and went for it. I did also end up covering the floor- a self leveler had been laid and it was already prepped for the new tile. My installer said that the paint overspray might cause bonding issues, so I didn't want to take chances there.  Still working on finishing that up so you'll have to wait until later to see how it turned out.  (Spoiler alert- I love the color!!)

Finally today, you saw a peek of the shower curtain fabric in the top photo.  I backed out here so you can get a feel for the large scale- I absolutely love it!  I want to do a cornice or some kind of treatment across the top, and remembered  that I had these old check curtain panels that I might be able to reuse the fabric from.  Love the idea of the large scale gingham, I'm just not sure this color is quite right.  If you look closely you can see a faint water/ripple pattern in the fabric, it's more of a gray/tan.  That's what I'm trying to match a bit better so I ordered a few samples of another fabric to test a few other colorways.  I thought a neutral color here would help give a bit of a masculine touch since it is still technically a boy's and girl's shared bath, and I might pull a bit of whatever fabric I end up using into Caleb's room when we freshen it up.  I can't promise there won't be a brightly colored trim in the mix too, though!  ;)

The fabric is "Lake Agawam" from the Madcap Cottage collection for Robert Allen.  I found an amazing deal on it here, but there's a limited amount left so if it's sold out it's also available at a reasonable price here and here.  It comes in some different colorways, too.  I really loved the "Palm" colorway, it has some pink in it, but this "Ocean" colorway fit the color scheme for my project best.

Alright, that's it for this week!  Now I'm working to get fresh paint on the linen cabinet, doors and trim, and hopefully to get a good start on the wall paint.  The plumber is coming on Friday to install the shower fixtures and put the toilet back (the tile is done but you'll have to check back next week to see it!).  I need to start thinking about accessories, I have no idea what I'm going to do for artwork in here! Next week we'll talk countertops and fixtures, and I'll give you tile updates of how it's looking.

I'll leave you with a reminder of the direction for this makeover and a question... what do you all do for bathroom rugs?  Just use regular bath mats?  I'm looking for a rug to go in front of the sink vanity- I'd like one long one but might have to do two smaller.  Even the smallest runners I've seen are still too long and wide.  I really liked the look of this green one that I used in my design board,  but the size won't work.  And I've never seen a rug similar to that in a small bath sized rug.  I'd love any suggestions you might have of where to look for colorful smaller bath sized rugs, preferably more like an area rug instead of a bath mat!

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I normally don’t do much for Halloween but it’s a big, kid friendly, fun night in our neighborhood where my kids always enjoyed being out with their friends and neighbors to see who could come home with the most candy.  ;)  At Home Stores invited me to partner with them to feature their vast selection of Halloween decor. Since a big part of my job is to share decorating ideas, that often centers around various holidays. I thought even though we don't really "celebrate" Halloween to the extent that others might, this would be a good opportunity to stretch my creative muscles with something different than I normally do and focus on decorating for the holiday in a kid-friendly, bright, playful style for those who were looking for some fresh ideas. Because I have a feeling that a lot of you also just celebrate it as an opportunity for your kids to wear cute costumes, get candy, and walk the neighborhood with their friends like we do!  So, here's my spin on bright, preppy, fun, maybe even classy (is "classy" Halloween a thing? Ha!) pink, black and white Halloween decor Dimples and Tangles style! 

I chose a few key areas to focus on adding some festive Halloween touches to the house.  Of course, the most important spot to focus on for the big night is the Front Porch, right?  It definitely needs to be decked out to welcome all of those darling little trick or treaters!  

As soon as I saw these stacked pumpkins I knew immediately that I had to have them for the porch.  And, I was so excited that they were already so cute, I didn't have to do one thing to them to improve them!  However... no matter how adorable to start with, things can always get better with a bow on top, right?  Although orange is probably my least favorite color, I've totally embraced it in my home for Halloween and Fall by adding in some hot pink with it.  That's a winning combination in my book!  

Look closely... see those eyeballs staring at you from the fern? They glow in the dark, and they really work!  I wish I had grabbed a handful of them to line the walkway, they're metal and were only $1.99 each!

This spiderweb was the perfect alternative for a wreath on the front door.  It comes with a glittered orange spider wired on, I just unwrapped the wire and attached him to the middle of a bow instead.  I added the skeleton as well. 

If you could only pick one thing for a big impact, I think a giant spider web is the perfect decoration on a front porch,

and At Home always has so many seasonal doormats to choose from. 

I finished off the outdoor decorations with a pair of flamingo skeletons flanking the front walkway.  They're not so menacing and almost kinda cute with hot pink and gingham around their necks, right?

And lastly I added a cute metal yard stake to the mailbox flowerbed.

Moving inside, the mantel is always my go-to spot for holiday decorations.  Even if I don't do much for a certain holiday, I always add something to the mantel to make it more festive.  For Halloween, a giant spider with flexible legs adds just enough creepiness while keeping the rest of the mantel a bit more playful.  The spider is especially great because the end of the season you can gather his legs up, twist them together and coil them up, then he's easy to store. 

I really liked this large pierced black pumpkin.  It has an LED light inside, it just wasn't showing up too well in my daytime photos.   I kept finding different spots I wanted to use it in. 

I really liked the white pumpkin stack with a light inside as well! 

I created a little vignette around my vintage chest.  The back of an ornate frame is just lined with some gingham wrapping paper, then I spread some faux spider webs across it.  A tiny bit of that stuff just stretches out forever ahd looks so real!  

Since I knew I wanted to add some bright color with the pinks into my decor, I picked up a few faux flowers to soften my Halloween finds.  The roses were actually Summer flowers from the clearance section, and the pretty orange ranunculus were with the Fall floral.  I removed almost all of the leaves and think they look pretty realistic!  An oversized hand candy dish holds treats for visitors.

Other than the large pumpkin stacks on the porch and the white jack-o-lanterns on the mantel, I found so many other pumpkins in darling designs to mix and match in with my decorations.  I love the small sized ones, they're so easy to tuck in everywhere!  And you may have noticed them in other photos, but can we talk about these really good pagoda lanterns??  I've actually had my eye on them for a long time, but the last time I was in they were on clearance.  I scooped them up and knew they would fit right in with my Halloween decor as well as with my style every other day through the year!  For now I filled them with LED pillar candles, but I also considered mini pumpkins, or more spider webs with mini spiders inside. 

You know I couldn't resist finding a place for this pom pom garland when I spotted it!

Now, you didn't think I'd share some holiday decorating ideas without sharing a themed tablescape, did you?  Of course not!  Some friendly spiders decided to crash the party in here too...

I hadn't planned to do a tablescape when I went hunting for my Halloween decorations from At Home, but as soon as I saw these opaque black goblets I knew I had to set a table with them!  

I love the vintage design inspiration combined with the edgy color of the black.  I actually envision using these for lots of other occasions throughout the year as well, they're so different that any other glassware I have!

Some pretty chunky black candlesticks with led tapers and that same black pumpkin from above anchor the centerpiece, then I scattered a variety of small pumpkins, brass candlesticks, and some candle tapers that I had on hand. 

They all sit on a reversible shimmery spider web runner, gold on one side and silver on the other! 

I already had the striped chargers and tapers, gingham napkins, pink placemats and candles, but just about everything else on the table came from At Home.  And look how perfectly my gingham settee fits in that came from At Home years ago!!

If you have a store nearby, be sure to stop by At Home for a huge variety of Halloween decoration selections!  They're not set up for e-commerce at this point, hopefully some day they will be if you don't have a location close to you.

*This post was sponsored by At Home Stores, but all ideas, styling, and product thoughts are my own.  Thank you for supporting Dimples and Tangles Sponsors!

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I have a big house project that's been on my "to-do" list every year for as long as I can remember... the Master Bathroom.  We're finally tackling that this Fall, but we decided to squeeze in a "quick" kids' bathroom makeover too!  And I quote "quick", because what I thought would be just a quick and simple refresh turned into pretty much a full fledged bathroom makeover!  We didn't go down to the studs or move anything around, but short of that everything is getting freshened up.  Our kids share a Jack and Jill bathroom between their bedrooms, which is the only other tub/shower in the house, so we decided to knock out their makeover while finishing up the planning for the Master. We're all sharing the Master/Powder Bath in the process, so soon it will be our turn to share their nice, fresh, pretty bathroom when it's finished and demo on the Master Bath starts!  But let's back up and today I want to share our starting point- the before photos- and where this bathroom is headed- the design plan and inspiration! 

We actually did some updating to this bathroom when we moved into the house 12 years ago. I wish I could find a photo of how it looked when we bought the house, but picture dark navy wallpaper with small flowers (if I remember correctly), shiny brass vanity lights with the glass tulip shades, shiny brass fixtures, and a carpeted floor!

Here's a pretty, styled photo that I did for a project last year...

but here's pretty much real life (minus the various products that are usually strewn across the counter)...

I spy a Jeff Gordon switch plate and Jimmy Johnson nightlight that have probably been there for 10 years... ha!


Working on a bare bones budget, we tore the carpet(!) out of the bathroom and put in a tile floor, stripped the wallpaper and textured the walls (how I wish sometimes that I had left them smooth so I could easily put up new wallpaper!), and replaced the light fixtures and faucets.  It's all pretty neutral and has been functional for the kids for all of these years. 

The only source of natural light is one small window in the shower/toilet room.

It's not terrible, but the choices I made 12 years ago are definitely not the choices I would make now.

So, with this makeover, I'm ready for functional AND unique and filled with some personality!  I wanted to keep the big, expensive, main components (tile, counters, fixtures, etc.) very classic and traditional.  As much as I love looking at bathrooms where beautiful tile makes a statement, I kept it simple here and decided to let the accessories add in the color and make the bold statements.  Since my son has moved to college and his room will likely transition to more of a guest room some day, I felt a bit more freedom with the design to choose what I wanted for this bathroom rather than trying to make it work for a boy and a girl together.  My daughter's only request was that it be light and bright!

A few things that are staying... the tub, big linen cabinet, sink vanity, and the mirror.  I've debated back and forth replacing the mirror, but it's custom, has a beveled mirror frame, and I think it's fine... I didn't think it was worth the money to spend replacing it.  The wall to wall mirror really helps open up and enlarge the space as well.

The walls and trim will get fresh coats of white paint.  I'll paint the existing vanity a gorgeous cobalt blue, and the floral print will be the shower curtain.  I just "kind of" liked it until I saw the scale by searching photos online, it's large and I loved it!  It will make the shower curtain a dramatic, focal piece.  The fixtures and hardware will all be brushed/satin brass and we'll have some gorgeous new white quartz countertops installed.  (I'll source everything I end up using for you in an upcoming post.)

This project is a mix of DIY and hiring out.  I've never had the desire to bite off learning to lay tile, so we're hiring someone to do that, the plumbing, and the countertop company will install those.  I'll be taking on everything else, though! 

That's as far as I've made it with the accessories, I still have lots of those to pull together and am just waiting until inspiration and creativity strike for those.  I'll likely add in another fabric pattern or two.  I have some vintage towel rings that I've been saving for years that I'm excited to use, but need some cute monogrammed towels, artwork, bath towel hooks, vanity accessories, etc. I'm still playing with rug possibilities and also thinking on another design element or two for the room. 

Here are a few images that inspired some additional possible decorative elements in the room-

So what do you think?  We're working on this room while getting the Master Bath makeover planned and ready to start on next... whew!  Stay tuned to watch the design board come to life, I hope to give you updates each week until it's finished.   I've already shared a few peeks of the progress on Instagam, join me over there if you're not following along! 

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