Friday, November 28, 2014


Well hey there, friends!  I hope you all had the best Thanksgiving yesterday!  I'm still recovering from that food coma... So what are you up today today?  Shopping? Decorating for Christmas?  I hope to get started on my Christmas decor today.

Since it's the last Friday of the month, we're ready to see what you've been working on.  What was the best from your nest from the past few weeks?

My favorite recent project was my Thanksgiving Tablescape.

Pam completed her friend's Master Bedroom for the One Room Challenge.  She furnished most of the room with made over Craigslist finds.  Pam is the queen of creating a high end look with a budget, great fabrics, and some paint!

Pam @ Simple Details
Kris also participated in the One Room Challenge and successfully created an updated, stylish bathroom without a big budget or a lot of demo. With some paint, great lighting, and new accessories she upped the glam factor in her powder bath by about 1000%!

Kris @ Driven by D├ęcor

Lisa repurposed an Ikea desk into a vanity for her master bedroom that can double as a nightstand.  I adore the color of her walls, and you'll have to check out her post to see how she made her lamp cord disappear!

Lisa @ Shine your Light 

Now, we want to see what you've been up to!  Link up your best project from November below.

And don't forget, even if you aren't a blogger you can still participate.  Just post a photo on Instagram and be sure to tag at least one of the hosts and use the hashtag #bestofthenestparty.

There are just a few guidelines to remember...
*Link to your specific post, not your home page.
*Please make sure that your project is from THIS month (NOVEMBER).
*Only ONE link per person!
*Please link back to one of the hosts in your post.  
Only those with a link will be considered for a feature!  
*Spread some comment love - please visit and comment on at least two other links in the party.

Feel free to grab a button for your post!

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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Today, I am counting YOU among my blessings!  I am so thankful for all of you who hang around for project after project, and all of your continual support and encouragement.  I hope your day is blessed today and extra special as you gather with family and friends.

P.S. We'll be back tomorrow for this month's Best of the Nest Party!  So while you're standing in line for all of your bargains, link up your best from November or browse some fabulous projects!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Although I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet, I've been mulling over plans in my head. I know what my general look will be and have been thinking about which pillows I want to use for the season. I want to mix my Togo spot pillows back in, but they've seemed a little plain to me since I made them last summer.

With Christmas being the time for all of the extra little details, I thought I'd add some pom poms to my pillows. Last year I made a few pom pom projects and they are such a quick and easy way to add a little bit of fun to a room!

Have you ever made a pom pom? They are SUPER simple, and you don't need any supplies other than yarn. I chose this extra chunky yarn from the craft store because I thought it would make the poms look nice and full without using as much yarn. You can make one with your fingers in only 5 easy steps:

1.  Wrap yarn around your fingers. Not too tight, you'll want to slide it off easily when you're finished. Use 2, 3, or 4 fingers, depending on how big you want your pom. I've even used 4 fingers but spread them out a little to make it even bigger. For reference, I used 3 fingers and wrapped about 35 times with this thick yarn for these 4" poms I made. The more fingers you use, the more you'll want to wrap so they'll be nice and full. In the past, when I've used regular yarn and four fingers, I wrapped about 80 times for a full pom.

2.  Carefully slide what you've wrapped off of your fingers, and lay it centered over a cut piece of yarn. (I used a double piece because my yarn wasn't very strong.)

3.  Bring the ends of your extra piece up and tie them tightly in a knot around the middle. You will have something like a donut with loops all around the edges.

4.  Slide your scissors around the edge, cutting all of the loops in the center to open them. Cut all the way around, just being careful not to cut that piece you tied around the center.

5.  Fluff the pom out, and snip any uneven pieces until you are happy with the shape.

I started with a yarn needle and thicker twine to attach the poms to the pillow, but it was way too difficult to get through the fabric, so I switched to a regular needle and thread. Just a few stitches to tack them in place around the edge did the trick.

Now my spotted pillows are a little more special, and ready for their Christmas close-up!

Here are a few of my favorite pom pom projects from around the web-

Hi Sugarplum

Jones Design Company

Thistlewood Farms

I have a few related older posts that you might want to check out:

Lastly today, I'd like to thank Balsam Hill for featuring my tree from last year in their Christmas Inspiration Center.  There are many great trees in the gallery, so head over and check it out if you're needing some fresh ideas for the season.   

I hope you all have a great day, I'm off to chaperone a group of 6th grade girls on a field trip to the science museum.  Yikes!

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Friday, November 21, 2014


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Meister Cleaners. All opinions are 100% mine.

Many of you know that I've been working on a not so little kitchen makeover.  I'm sure I'm the only one that this happens to, but when I'm in project mode, the rest of the house goes to the wayside.  Since the kitchen has been the project, it's been pretty much a disaster area.  We've still been grabbing meals here and there, and my sweet husband has kept the dishwasher loaded, but other than that there hasn't been much cleaning going on in there.

So, now that the work is coming to a close, it was time to move in and get everything back into shape.  My appliances were especially gross dirty, and needed a little more than the normal wipe down to be clean and pretty again.

I was given the opportunity to put these Meister Cleaners to the test in my kitchen.  I've never used specialized cleaners like these, and let me just say they won me over!

First of all, I tried the Steel Meister on all of the stainless surfaces in my kitchen.  There were paint spots, grease splatters, water marks, fingerprints and smudges abounding.
For the dishwasher, I sprayed it on and wiped with a soft cloth.  A few spots took an extra rub, but for the most part I wiped it dry and it was perfectly shiny.  Now it almost has a mirror like reflection, and those smudges that I could never quite get off are gone!

The Steel Meister leaves a micro-thin protective coating that is resistant to fingerprints and makes future cleaning easier, and cleans and conditions stainless steel while leaving minimum streaking.

Dried paint and pesky water spots... gone!

Now that all of my stainless surfaces were all pretty and shiny, I moved on to a few tougher jobs.  
Cleaning my oven has been on the overlooked list of things to do for a while.  I'm embarrased to admit (and show you!) how bad it's become, but on the oven door that was especially splattered with grease I decided to try the Range Meister Glass and Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner/Polish.  I don't have a glass cooktop, but I though I'd try the oven door.  It foams when sprayed, and I allowed it to sit for about 10 minutes per the instructions since the door was extra dirty.

The initial wipe with a paper towel removed much of the grime, but as stated on the can, I did have to use a second application.  After a light scrub with a non-abrasive pad, the oven door was looking presentable again.  I appreciated that this product has a nice smell as well, and is biodegradable and safe for the environment.

On the cooktop, I started with the Steel Meister Spot Cleaner.  There were spots of dried, crusty food in the drip pans that I normally spend to much time trying to scrub away.  After applying the spot cleaner and allowing it to sit for about 10 minutes, that baked on food wiped off with just a quick rub!  I followed up with more of the Steel Meister on the stainless trim, and my cooktop was sparkling again.

My granite countertop has been my workbench during this kitchen remodel, so it was loaded with paint cans and brushes, scrubbing pads, cleaners, and tools.  I think it's safe to say it took some abuse and needed a deep clean.  I tested the Stone Meister on a particularly bad spot where some tool (or paintbrush more likely) left a rusty spot and there was a patch of dried paint.  After spraying it on the spot and letting it sit for several minutes, the rust was gone with the swipe of a paper towel, and the paint went away after a few rubs.

The Stone Meister cleaner is safe for all polished granite, marble, natural stone, and other surfaces that are water-tolerant.  It won't scratch the surface or sealers that may be on your stone, won't harm or irritate your skin, and is environmentally friendly. 

As we're all preparing to give our kitchens a workout next week, Meister will help you keep everything sparkling!  You can find it at The Home Depot in the appliance department, and I think it's even on sale right now.  You can also learn more about these products on the Meister Facebook Page.

Someone is about to have an extra Happy Holiday season, because Meister Cleaners is having a Stainless Steel Refrigerator Giveaway!  One winner will receive $2000 to use towards a brand new Stainless Refrigerator.  The contest ends on December 31, and the winner will be announced on the Meister Cleaners website on January 5.  To enter the giveaway, you must signup by clicking one of the icon links below:

*This post is sponsored by Meister Cleaners.  I received product and compensation to write this post, but opinions about the product are mine.  I can assure you that the Steel Meister will be a regular cleaning item in my stash from now on!  Thanks for supporting the companies that keep the projects coming at Dimples and Tangles! 

Visit Sponsor's Site

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


I'm suffering from some serious DIY ADD, bouncing back and forth between the kitchen and my daughter's room.  A few weeks ago while the weather was nice and I already had the garage set up as a spray paint workshop, I decided to go ahead and paint the Craigslist nightstands that I plan to use in her room.

Remember the before?  These have been waiting patiently in the garage since this summer for their makeover.  The finish on the tops was in really bad shape, you can see that the legs were chipped up, and they had that speckled/stained 70s finish.  However, the drawers are stamped Century on the inside and I could tell that they were heavy, quality pieces.

As soon as I purchased these, I knew that I wanted them to be a glossy bold color.  I shared with you the new plan for her room since we've upgraded her to a bigger bed, and gave you a little hint as to where these were headed.

They turned out better than I imagined!

I used this spray paint for the job.  I normally don't use cans of spray paint for furniture because I usually get weird spray patterns, but I loved this color and decided to give it a shot.

It worked beautifully and left a very uniform, rich glossy finish.  I even had to touch up several places and there is no evidence of the finish being different in those spots.

A few tips for a project like this:

I sanded the top to smooth out the poor finish, and then just spot sanded other problem areas.  I planned to remove the hardware and possibly replace the knobs, but even after I unscrewed it the knobs and pulls would not come off.  I think they were glued in, so I decided to keep and work with them.

I spray primed the piece.  I wasn't planning to do anything on the inside, so I just kept the doors and drawer closed and painted as-is.

After a light sanding, I applied two coats of the glossy red.  Helpful hint... use a disposable dropcloth with this paint.  The overspray is SUPER sticky.  And while you're at it, wear your painting clothes and old shoes.  And a mask.  Seriously, sticky paint everywhere.

Most of all, keep your arm stiff as you spray.  Move your entire arm and body along the piece, keeping it the same distance from the surface as you go.  Don't just move your wrist from side to side.  This ensures that the paint hits the piece evenly on each part of it, and gives a uniform, even finish.

Another helpful hint... ask for one of these in your Christmas stocking this year!  Such a lifesaver for your poor hands and otherwise numb fingertips (speaking from experience).

Since I kept the hardware on, I debated leaving it red and glossy to match the piece.  It looked ok, but that fun bamboo handle just needed to stand out a little more.  I finally got my hands on some Martha Steward liquid gilding paint (*affiliate link used) that I've been wanting to try out, and this was the perfect project for it.

The coverage was awesome, and it really gave the appearance of metal.  I probably would have been ok with one coat, but I gave them two just to be safe.  I can't tell you how much I love this stuff!  I've already used it on two other projects and need to pick up another jar.

I also lined the drawers and bottom of the cabinet with some cute contact paper from TJ Maxx.

We're getting them moved into her room and all loaded up.  Things are coming together, can't wait to show the whole room to you!

Psst....  did you enter our huge Blogger's Favorites giveaway yesterday?  There's still time!  Click here for more information and the entry form.

Linking up with: Frazzled Joy

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014


We all know that Christmas will be here sooner than we think, at least the adults realize that... for kids it seems like an eternity away!  The darling Mallory of Charming in Charlotte invited a few of our blog friends to round up some of their favorite things this holiday season, and we're passing them along to one fabulous reader!

I really loved seeing what everyone chose.  I was tempted to drop out just so I would be eligible to enter, this is some great stuff!

Here's a few more details about our favorite items.  Be sure to click through to everyone's blog if you see some that you're not familiar with.  I promise you'll find some amazing talent and inspiration!

1. Sephora Collection Palette in Nude: The Holiday's are the perfect time to step up your makeup game and this Sephora eyeshadow palette is my go to for Holiday parties. The colors last and are warm and perfect for winter tones. I also think that it makes the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your girlfriend. -Mallory, Charming in Charlotte

2. Geometric Pillow Cover + Your Monogram and 6 Diamond Oranments: At Christmas, I'm all about adding little bits of sparkle around the house.  I've had a set of these oversized diamond ornaments for a few years, and when I recently came across more at a local store, I thought you might like some too!  They really stand out and shine with the lights on the tree.  Also, I love a good monogrammed pillow, and one in a designer look-alike fabric for Christmas is even better!  This is for the covers only, and I will monogram the center with the winner's initials of choice.  
-Jennifer, Dimples and Tangles

3. As most of my followers already know, I love including animals into my decor and I just adore the animal plates by Rachel Kozlowski for West Elm. To me they are the perfect combination of quirky chic animal decor and I have an entire wall full of them in our kitchen (which you can see HERE). There are some colored and neutral plates. I like them all and they make me happy when I look at them.  -Julia, Cuckoo 4 Design

4. Nate Berkus Metal Wing Bowl: I am a sucker for all things Nate Berkus and this angel wing bowl is no exception! It’s such a unique and affordable piece and the gold seals this deal. It will be an amazing conversation piece on your holiday entry table or for serving treats at Christmas dinner! 
-Summer, Simple Stylings

5. Suzanne Wristlet and Tassels: I love this wristlet because it is the perfect size for a kid-free night out.  I spend so much time lugging lunch boxes, diaper bags, jackets, sippy cups, and whatever else is thrown in my hands that I love to go out with as little as possible.  It has enough room to hold the essentials: lipstick, my phone, and a credit card and it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  I added the tassels because, let's face it, everything is better with tassels!I grabbed couple of these for Christmas gifts and I love that I could play around with color combinations so they will perfectly fit the recipient! -Beth, designPOST interiors

6. King Gold Gilding Wax: I am giving away a jar of Gedeo King Gold Gilding Wax and a set of Threshold agate coasters for the lucky winner. I will run a DIY on the coasters and send the supplies for the winner to DIY their own coasters.  -Emily, Eleven Gables

7. J. Crew Crystal & Gem Cluster Necklace: I love heels and a dress as much as anyone, but my favorite way to dress lately for the everyday is in classic, casual silhouettes with a bit of sparkle to add some interest.  This necklace is currently on heavy rotation in my wardrobe!  It's as perfect for a Tuesday afternoon as it is for a Saturday night. -Jennifer, The Chronicles of Home

8. Marquise Crystal Statement Necklace: The minute you brought up a favorite things giveaway, I immediately thought of jewelry.  I have what some may call a "slight obsession"...especially when it comes to statement necklaces.  They are such versatile pieces.  They can be the finishing touch for a dressy outfit or add an unexpected pop to casual attire.  To me, they are a must-have for any girl! 
-Gabbi, Retro Ranch Reno

9. Everyday I'm Hustlin' Hat: I chose this because it's on my own wish list! I love the trucker style of this hat, and love to wear hats!  I also love the sentiment and I think it's one we can all relate to, especially around the Holidays! -Cassie, Primitive and Proper

10. Steve Madden Buffalo Plaid Infinity Scarf: One of my favorite gifts to give is a chic scarf.  With all the pretty designs, sizes, materials, and colors it makes it easy to find one to fit everyone's style.  I love how adding a scarf to a simple outfit makes a huge statement and adds an instant pop of color.  It's a fun, classy, versatile accessory that makes a great gift! -Becky, This is Happiness

What do you think, worth playing for?  Enter now, and someone's going to have a very Merry Christmas!  Giveaway will end on Monday, November 24.

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Monday, November 17, 2014


Christmas is just around the corner!  It seems like every way I turn I'm reminded of that fact, and I see more and more decorating happening around the web each day.  There's no Christmas action going on here yet, but there will be soon!  I'm happy to announce that I'll once again be a part of the second annual 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes, along with an amazing group of top notch bloggers.

If you're already on the ball and looking for some Christmas inspiration a bit early, here's a few of my favorite shots from last year's tour:

And, the most fun part is that you'll get a chance to participate as well!  We will have a link party at the end of the tour on December 16 for everyone who wants to include their Christmas home...mark your calendar because I want to see what you're up to for Christmas!  The tour will begin on December 1, and I'll see you here with my tour on the 9th.

I want to give a big thank you to our lovely hostess Jenny from Evolution of Style for organizing the tour once again this year.  She did a fantastic recap of all of the tours last year if you'd like even more Christmas eye candy, check it out here.

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